Thursday, July 16, 2009

What If a Phone Call Could Change Everything?

How much would have things changed if Bella had been able to talk to Edward when he called in New Moon? Would the Volturi have ever been a problem? Would there have been a Renesmee? Would Bella have ever even changed? In NarutoHPfangirl's What If?, these questions are answered in a rewrite of the Saga from the point of that fateful phone call.

What If? opens as Bella wrestles the phone from Jacob, to discover that Edward is calling for her. Finding Bella alive and still in love with him, Edward immediately returns to her. But as the Cullen's vampire existence is threatened to be exposed, the werewolf pack confronts them with the rules of the treaty. Arguments ensue, lines are crossed, and then the unthinkable happens. When the confrontation turns deadly, Edward must decide if he can change Bella-or learn to live his eternity without her.

At just 14 years old, NarutoHPfangirl is a very good writer. In this story you'll find the characters as the always are: stubborn, danger magnet Bella; gallant, self-loathing Edward; and angry, volatile Jacob. Each of these characters tells parts of the story from their point of view, adding to the overall affect. While the story isn't exceptionally detailed, the flow is good and the characters are believable. This story was originally just a one-shot, but the author expanded on it, developing what would have happened if the events of the end of New Moon through Breaking Dawn had been different. It's an extensive piece of ground she's covering when related to the timetable of the original books, but NarutoHPfangirl completes it in just 12 short chapters.

What If? cuts to the chase, wrapping up two and a half books in just a few short chapters. I would have enjoyed more detail to the story, more dept to the chapters. However, the story is enjoyable and manages to tie up all the loose ends in its own way. This young writer has a lot of potential, and is extremely gifted for her age. What If? is a perfect quick read for a lazy summer day.

Rated: K+ (PG)

3 out 5 Gold Apples

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