Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What Will They Come Up With Next? The Most Creative and Weirdest "Twilight" Collectibles

There's a ton of Twilight collectibles out there: board games, playing cards, totes, film stills…the list goes on and on. But, we know that FEARnet users are more discerning than most and that you're looking for supernatural swag made by people who really understand (and obsess) over the story. So we headed over to everyone's favorite repository for the unusual, outlandish and at times disturbing hand-crafted items -- -- and we put together a list of our favorites finds out of the hundreds posted. Check them out after the jump and let us know if they live up

to their movie muse.

Make Me a Vampire Model

Ever wonder what it would be like to look like a Cullen? Don't be shy. Of course you have. Who doesn't want to look drop dead…ahem…gorgeous? Check out the magic this Etsy seller casts over any photo with her Cullen-ize Me- Vampire Photo Manipulation. She claims "No matter how you look like, I can turn you into a Cullen family member." A world filled with Cullens? Sounds pretty good to us.

Jacob or Edward? You Don't Have to Decide

Taken straight from the pages of Eclipse, you can wear a piece of Jacob and Edward's hearts... or a less expensive proximity. Sorry ladies, no heirloom vamp-granny diamond involved in this bracelet, but there is a big shiny crystal. There are literally hundreds of versions of the Bella Bracelet on Etsy, but we think this one is pretty cool.

What Would Alice Wear?

Not all of us are lucky enough to have an undead personal shopper with a bottomless bank account to help us dress. After all, Rachel Zoe is tied up with clients. But now we can look like we do. Grab a piece of Alice Cullen's signature fashion with this reproduction of the scarf she wears in the movie. You can also buy Jessica's scarf from the Twilight LaPush parking lot scene. These scarves are guaranteed to keep you warm when you're snuggling with your undead honey and can cover up any unwanted fang marks.

Get That Woodsy…Furry Scent

You're running at a temperature of anywhere between 105 and 108 degrees, you rarely have clean clothes and you spend most of your time in the woods. It stands to reason you need a shower. "Who Is Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf" soap claims to mimic Jacob's "hot, earthy, musky and all around yummy" scent. So basically, you take a shower and smell like you didn't. Basically…you're a guy. Yes, it kind of defeats the purpose, but at least you're one step closer to wolfing out.

Can't Date Edward? Get the Next Best Thing

Is your boyfriend just not quite cutting it in the Edward department? Do you find he doesn't sparkle enough? Etsy has a solution for that: Edward Scented Sparkling Hair and Body Mist. This is sort of like one of those bust-enhancement creams you buy out of the back of a Seventeen magazine, except it's a vamp enhancement. What does Edward smell like? According to Breaking Dawn and the seller, the veggie vamp heartthrob smells like "honey, lilac and sunshine." So corner your special someone and spray away. Warning: if your boyfriend willingly wears this scent you may have bigger things than sparkles to discuss.

LaPush Comes to You

If you're on Team Jacob you may need to sit down. This Etsy user is selling a piece of First Beach, also known as LaPush to wear around your neck and close to your heart. This woman actually hauled two bags full of stones from the beach back to her house to disperse among her fellow Twilight fans. So don't disappoint her, it would be very cold-hearted of you.

Get Edward to Follow You Anywhere

This seller claims her Pocket-Edward mini is "perfect for anyone with OCD (Obsessive Cullen Disorder)." Pocket-Edward also bears a striking resemblance to a voodoo doll. Either way, you've finally pinned Edward down.

The Creepy Craft Award Goes to: Way Too Realistic Renesmee Doll

breaking dawn

Warning: Spoiler! If you haven't read the last book in Meyer's series... well, what are you doing reading this? Go read it and then get back to us.

What's creepier than a life-like baby doll? How about a half-human, half-vampire baby doll modeled after Bella and Edward's spawn from Breaking Dawn. She cries, she laughs, she drinks blood. The Renesemee Doll comes with a tutu and a shirt that reads "So the Lion Fell in Love with the Lamb." According to the seller, the clothes will also fit an infant. According to us, if you're dressing your infant in a vampire baby tutu you might want to get a hold on reality. (Or call the Twilight casting office.)


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