Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Crackpot Theory on Twilight

I found this article today on Faith and Twilight. I read it and I came away from the piece a bit confused and a bit put off. The person who wrote the piece starts off and ends that Stephanie Meyers was able to pull off a grand love story, but in the middle of his thoughts he proceeds to state that her writing in general is not up to par with other great vampire lore writers. He says, “Though it improves from book to book, the level of writing and the sophistication of the mythology in Twilight is not worthy of Joss Whedon let alone Bram Stoker.”

He also states that the love expressed in the Twilight books is not a realistic love, and that while Edward believes in God, there is a flaw in the faith. Read more of the article here. While he is not overly bashing Twilight, he does keep throwing in how awful her writing, how it is not a literary masterpiece. He just keeps going back and forth, with a portion on God and faith, hence my slight confusion as to what kind of concrete statement he is trying to make. Argh!

Wow. The thing that ticks me off about these people, who feel the need to compare Stephanie Meyers work, is that these people are the only ones making these comparisons. As most everyone who loves the series can attest to is that we are not comparing Edward with Angel or Edward with Count Dracula. Edward Cullen is Edward Cullen and in Stephanie Meyers’ world he is the tragic hero who is conflicted with what he considers right and wrong. We love the character Edward because of his blind devotion to Bella. He will do anything to save her, even fight for her humanity, and sorry that just touches a woman. (Apparently not all females love this type of male)

The mythology of Stephanie Meyers’ vampire world is secondary to the story itself. Please know that I am a huge Joss Whedon fan and love, love, love his mythology, but his world is complex with many levels and should not even be compared remotely to Stephanie Meyers work.

The simple fact is, articles like this will continue to come out because people still find it hard to believe that this woman has simply done what few book authors have done; inspire people to read and fall in love again with the language and the written word.

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  1. I'm afraid to say this, but I somewhat agree with the guy. Stehp's writing was great. Her ideas and everything were amazing and made twilight into what it is today. But I feel like she half assed her writing, threw in a few cliche's, and published it. I think she should have used a little help with the writing of the story but all in all, they are amazing books and the idea behind the words is what has everyone crazy about them. See I love twilight, I'll admit some people have got me beat for number 1 fan, but I started reading twilight when I was 14. I'm 16. And I thought they were the most amazing books. But reading back on them now, they could use a little help.


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