Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Musical Connections

First, let me apologize for not posting more often. It would seem that I am a little late on the Twilight news as when I see something post worthy someone else has already posted about it. I have been laying low this summer due to my little one starting Kindergarten this past Monday. As a mother, I deemed it necessary to back burner my robsession and focus on my little man.

With that being said, I did actually get out this past weekend to enjoy some melodies, English accents, and draft beer. I had the pleasure of viewing Bobby Long live at a small brewery here in Florida. How does this have anything to do with Twilight? I was hoping you would see the connection to the soundtrack as well as my dream man, and many other women's, Rob.

Bobby put on a great show. His music is soulful and his stories are amusing and sexy - as a result of that delectable accent. (sidenote: Bobby told a story about how much he loved visiting Clearwater Beach but said he feared being consumed by a shark. His way of solving his fear was to always remain closer to the shore than a few people so they could be eaten first) I will say that even being two feet away from him is not close enough to see his gorgeous brown eyes as his head is tilted down and that beautiful face is always under cover of hair. I was able to get to the stage, and on all fours, so as to get a snap or two of his face from a more appealing angle. My husband did make a witty, or not so witty, comment about that position to which I replied, " yes, if only he had noticed and you were not here." (snicker)

I would also like to go on record as stating my observations led me to believe that most everyone in that small brewery had connected to Bobby by way of Twilight or Robert. This was evident in the chosen apparel and average age of the attendees. Did I mention that the crowd was 85% female? I did ask a few of the guys about their decision to attend this show to which they replied, " My girl drug me here... or isn't this guy friends with Edward or Rob or whatever?" Whatever the reason most attended I can attest that they did not leave unhappy or unfulfilled by Bobby's melodic tunes, soulful voice, or snarky British humor. Perhaps that can be added to Rob's repertoire.. ya know, making American fans more aware of talent from abroad or opening their eyes to a different genre of music. I can attest to his motivating me to check out his playing mates by way of his itunes playlist.

You can hear more from Bobby at the following links

Check out his tour dates to see if you can catch him live.

Also check out the band The Human Condition. There lead singer Dean opened for Bobby and he was incredible.

Dean from The Human Condition


  1. He looks soo yummy! Almost up there with Rob for me =)

  2. He was very nice. I got my pic taken with him and he signed my shirt for me. He even whispered in my friends ear- at her request. She has a thing about accents as do I! I didnt mention Rob to him as I was there to enjoy his music but he was DELISH!


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