Saturday, August 22, 2009

Enough...Fans just let it go!

I just read the Twilight Examiner’s article about enough already with the disparaging remarks against twilight fans. Here’s the deal: who cares?

Why? Because everyone is entitled to their opinion. And if a bunch of small minded individuals who will not take the time to research the growing phenomenon with Twilight, who go on saying stupid things to get fans riled up, then let them. It is up to us as fans to ignore the naysayers and continue to show our love.

After reading the comments section, I’ve come to a conclusion that people who are new to being rabid fans must understand that there will always be idiots out there who will say the earth is flat just to get a reaction, and when this happens fans will go on a tirade, which now gives them more idiotic articles to write.

Even my son knows that if he says anything bad about Twilight it is on. I give him dirty looks and try to convince him to at least watch the movie to research his dislike, but that ain't happening. So I've learned to accept this. It is not up to me to try and convince him Twilight is really good.

I am a 38 year old fan. I’ve read countless books, and I don’t give a flipping care if her work is not called great “literature” because I know when I read the book, yet again, I know that Stephanie Meyers has written a fantastic story on love and romance, which is why this story works.

So let the idiots of the world cash in on their hate (and yes they are cashing in because they know that anything Twilight related is an almost guaranteed page hit) and lets all be the classy, rabid fans who will continue to go crazy over anything Twilighted related, because we can!

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