Thursday, August 20, 2009

School is in Session and Love is in the Air

"I wanted her. All of her: mind, body, and soul, but that couldn't happen. She wasn't my Bella. She was Jake's Bella." Oh Edward, what are you going to do?

Put It Behind You is an all-human fanfic piece in both Bella and Edward's point of view, written by the duo Digsy Galley (Edward's POV) and ShojiOxlow (Bella's POV). Edward Cullen is trying to get away from everything and is about to start his first baseball coaching job in a tiny Texas town at Goodell High school, far away from his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. When he meets the new AP English teacher, Bella Swan, sister of the head football coach, Emmett, and girlfriend to the assistant football coach, the not-so-nice Jacob Black, things start to get a little complicated.

This uncompleted piece is just six short chapters so far, but the character development is amazing. Digsy Galley and ShojiOxlow have managed to already incorporate several of the characters from the original Saga into the school staff (Jasper Whitlock as the guidance counselor? How perfect is that?). The budding attraction between Bella and Edward and the potential for romance between them is first-class writing. The flip flop chapters are both sweet and intriguing, and even though there are two authors writing, the story is seamless. The last finished chapter is a bit of a cliffhanger, leaving readers waiting for the next chapter and wondering what will happen next.

Put It Behind You has just started, and I'm hooked. I can't wait to see what develops between Coach Cullen and Teacher Swan and the consequences that will follow (you don't piss off football coaches at a Texas high school without some repercussions). Digsy Galley and ShojiOxlow are both really good writers and if the rest of their fanfic is like the start, readers will have a real winner of a story.

Rated: PG-13

5 out of 5 Gold Apples*
*When Put It Behind You is completed, I will review and rate again. But so far, a 5.

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