Monday, August 31, 2009

Fan Fiction You Say?

So, you know how I just LOVE Urban Dictionary!

Well, I decided to see what the definition of Fan Fiction is on UD and after reading a few, 1 in particular made me laugh;
-Fan Fiction:

Extreme super fans? YES!
Whatever the story is about? YES! YES!
Extremely Creepy? Uh, No! You must be reading something different than I am!

(Mrs. R. grumbles "freak!")

So, yeah, I want to say just a few things about fan fiction. =]

Before I begin, let me remind you I am still fairly new to all this fanfic bizness! Even so, I have already read more than 100+ chapter stories! (which is not much compared to the +100,000 or so out there!)

What you may or may not know about me, it that I have actually started writing my own FF! It was recently reviewed on Into The Land of "Unicorn's", Susie's Fan Fic Haven. My story is called "I'll Be Your Lover Too", rated R, so if you are over 18 you can read the summary here or here. There was a lot I didn't consider before doing so & though I am glad I did, I want to share with you a few things from a Writer/Author's perspective.

First of all, when an amateur writer such as myself, decides to post our fan fiction story, we do so for many reasons. Just a few reasons being:
  • To get these voices in my head to SHUT UP! I couldn't relax in my pool without Edward & Bella chatting and dancing and screw----- (oops) , consuming my thoughts!
  • We also write because WE ENJOY IT! Yes! We think it is fun!
  • It is a form of our artistic expression. I can only draw stick figures, dogs howl when I sing, and when I try and read music - it might was well be in Japanese. Writing and developing a story is my outlet.
I'm sure we could poll a thousand different authors and they we would get a thousand different answers.

Second, when you are reading a fic & you see this: A/N or AN or any combination of these 2 letters, please read what follows. These are author's notes & they are packed with juicy tidbits about the story YOU ARE reading! Sometimes you get wonderful links to pictures, songs, and videos that relate to the story. Other times, you find out things that are not clear in the plot. I have gave shout outs to readers, explanations of what's in store, and even warnings of what is about to happen before you read it! I promise the possibilities are ENDLESS! We write them because they are important, not to expand our word count in the chapter! So please read them! JUST..................DO......................IT! =]

It is also always a good idea to read the author's profile! TRUST ME!

Third, be nice in your reviews. We pour our hearts into these stories and although we DO want your praises and criticisms, lets be adults about it. YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIKE IT! You also don't have to read it.

*shew, glad that's out of the way*

LAST, but most definitely NOT LEAST is your REVIEW. I have to confess that I used to not review. I would think the chick who wrote this is busy and could care less that all I want to say is "I love it, please update soon." But I was wrong, we DO want to hear that. I love, love, love receiving reviews that are all in detail & readers guess what's next, or complain b/c you left them a cliffy, but my heart skips a beat when someone says just that, "Please Update Soon." It lets us know, if nothing else, that you CARE about our lil ol'story and it's worth our time to write it! So please, review! Every chapter of every story, completed or not.

We would really appreciate it.

Thanks for reading this little rant.

Mrs. Robward

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  1. Well, you know how much I love your story and I´m glad you just started. I know it is a lot of work doing this and just happy you do it. It´s great to see how a story develops and I´m excited to see how the story goes on :-)

    and I´m just dying to know what Jacob did with Bella!!!!


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