Thursday, August 13, 2009

Werewolves, Vampires, and Snow. Oh My!

princesswingnut has written the Compass Point Series, four unrelated stories about characters from the Twilight Saga in which the featured character takes a journey. The Gold Apple Standard has already reviewed South, a fantastic piece about Jasper. Here in another story from the CPS, princesswingnut writes the tale of North, an adventure told from the point of view of Embry Call from the Quileute Wolf Pack. Embry Call doesn't know who his father is, hasn't imprinted, and has no intention of ever taking over an Alpha position in a pack. But all that is about to change.
North, like South, is another traveling story, in which Embry heads north to Alaska in search of his father. After arriving there and running into another wolf pack-one that looks eerily similar to Embry's own wolf form-Embry finds himself caught up in a series of events that will change his life forever. Vampires and werewolves collide in a series of threats, fights, and maybe
The story is entertaining and the in-depth look at Embry is an interesting concept. But North is at times confusing. The crossover from the Twilight books doesn't quite flow right in places. And the characters are lacking. While South provides us with characters that were near perfection, many of North's characters feel underdeveloped. The back story is never really completely explained, leaving readers guessing at how the current situation came to be. However, the saving grace of this piece is the character of Embry himself, who is done well and gives readers an inside look at this minor character from the Saga and his journey.
The Compass Point Series is an intriguing look into characters from the Twilight Saga that don't get much book time, but North doesn't live up to expectations. After the greatness of South, I expected much more from this fanfic. Let's hope that in East and West princesswingnut will be back with her great writing.
Rated: T (PG-13)

2 out of 5 Gold Apples

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