Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chris Weitz Interviw with Box Office

It started with a pie. Once Chris Weitz and brother Paul deflowered the dessert
in 1999's American Pie, they became two of the most sought-after directors in
Hollywood. Though he was barely out of his twenties, Chris Weitz was smart
enough not to squander the opportunity, and instead of signing on to keep the
sequels coming (seven, counting the straight-to-DVD installments), he held out
to direct more literally adult fare like Chris Rock's Down to Earth and About a
Boy, the Hugh Grant-led adaptation of the Nick Hornby novel. Weitz invested the
next several years in his passion project—the big budget fantasy film The Golden
Compass—but the film's irreligious subtext coupled with Weitz's high ambitions
and the studio's anxiety doomed the American release. Though worldwide grosses
of $372 million justified the estimated $180 million budget, its comparatively
small US take left everyone involved backing away from what had once considered
a surefire franchise. But with The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Weitz has taken the
reins of another hit franchise, and he's certain to steer this one to box office
success. Weitz talks to BOXOFFICE about the power of break-up stories and his
family's gratitude to vampires—a lineage that stretches back to his grandparents.

How do you direct a film when everyone knows the story and

In a way, that's an advantage. That people know and love the book means that people know and want to see the movie, which is what you hope for when you're making a film. It's a fine balance between being as faithful as possible to the spirit of the book, and bringing changes. I regard myself as fan as much as any other, and the way that I see the book in my head is just like any other fan's ability, except that I happen to have tens of millions of dollars at my disposal to realize that vision. One hopes that it's a strong enough envisioning of the book that people will be amused and entertained and excited even though they know how things are going to end.

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