Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is The Vampire Diaries the New Twilight?

I just read the first book of the Vampire Diaries, and while there are similarities (i.e. a girl who falls for a vamp) to me it is just another vampire story. I think the major difference is that Twilight is from the point of view of Bella, who is not anything like Elena (though this may change as I've yet to read the next book).

There is also more action in the Vampire Diaries than Twilight overall and it seems darker than Twilight.

I've been reading the blogs and news sites and people seem to want to put these two in the same boat or better yet call the Vampire Diaries the new Twilight.

Here is my humble opinion. The reason that so many people gravitate to Twilight, even though it came out 14 years later than the Vampire Diaries, is that it touches us in a way that the Vampire Diaries does not. At least not yet.

I personally am loving both series, but Twilight just came at the right time whereas Vampire Diaries came before its time.

What do you think? Do you agree, disagree, or have your own thoughts on this?


  1. I totally agree with you. Twilight came in just at the right time.
    I too have read the first Vampire Diary. I did like it but somehow I don't find it in the same league as Twilight.
    I just feel that every character in Twilight, every little detail is so well-etched and thought about. And what makes it even better is that the movie characters (actors) totally played up to every one's expectations (though I feel we could have had a better Bella).

    So all in all...I would still stick to Twilight. I've actually started reading the series again. Don't think I can ever grow tired of reading it.. :P

    Priyanka (Jacob's girl)

  2. I have to agree. I just finished the first book last night. (did you notice how many times the word "Twilight" was in there??!! LOL!!) I think it might have done better had it been written as Elena's POV. It seemed to go back and forth between what every one was doing at certain times and that sort of gave me a head ache. But the details and writing itself were good. If she was going to switch back and forth she could have gone between Elena's and Stefan's POV...and "Elena & Stefan"...those names stink! Perhaps a name change would have done her some good! LOL!

  3. Priyanka, I'm with you, even though I like Vampire Diaries, I just have to say Twilight does it for me, hands down, though I will still read the rest of the series.

    Ms. M I think you're right, about the POV and the word twilight. I thought it was just me! Maybe if it was just here and her observations? lol I am not mad at the names, as my son's name and spelling is the same, so I kinda like the name =D.

  4. Edward Cullen could never be as fascinating as Damon Salvatore

  5. Well. I think Vampire Diaries is far better that twilight. Please read the first 3 books and I'm sure you will be thinking the same.

    by: Edie


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