Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Jasper Moment

"Once again, I have failed. Once again, I have let my family down. But it's different this time, ironic almost; the situations are reversed. I have not killed a human; I have let her escape. And I am going to pay the price, once again, only somehow, this time would be so much worse."

At just fourteen years old, tigerwriter has an impressive amount of fanfiction pieces, all of it well-written, and with an amazing talent at expression emotions through her characters. In her fanfic, Again, we get a glimpse from Jasper's point of view during a Twilight moment: when Bella escapes him at the airport. Excellently written, tigerwriter provides readers with the torment Jasper suffers, not only in this isolated incident, but with his perception of himself as the weakest member of his family. Although the piece is just a one-shot, the emotion that the writer is able to express makes this short piece simply fantastic.

At the realization that Bella has escaped him, Jasper becomes overwhelmed at what he has allowed to happen. Faced with a fearful Alice and then a frantic, distraught Edward, Jasper confronts his vision of himself as a failure. As the emotions of the others roll over him, he begins to fear that this time, there will be no comfort from family members, there will be no forgiveness for his mistake. "...To have let them down on something so huge, so important, is overwhelming, but not at all out of character," Jasper thinks to himself, as they flee the airport, desperate to get to Bella in time.

tigerwriter is truly talented, and after reading Again, readers will want more of her work. Her gift with words and emotions make this Jasper story heartbreaking. The desperation, the feelings of failure, the brief encounter with Edward, is all rolled together in perfection. In fact, if Stephanie Meyer herself had written Twilight from Jasper's perspective, it couldn't get much better. Again gives us a perspective of Jasper, his feelings, and a glance at one of the most pivotal moments in Twilight-all so well-written that you'll wish tigerwriter would write the whole story from Jasper's point of view.

Rated: G

5 out of 5 Gold Apples

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