Monday, September 14, 2009

Twilight Fans Breaking The Law

Ok, so apparently there are some Twilight fans that are sooo desperate for a souvenir from Forks that they are willing to break the law to get it. Officers of Forks, Washington have said that fans are speeding in hopes of getting a ticket, as well as, according to one officer, "being flashed" by the female fans in order to get a ticket for indecent exposure. The officers say the fans are quite pleased to get the tickets, even though they could cost a couple hundred dollars and that the fans even ask to have their photo taken with the officer and their autographs.

Now I am a fan of Twilight, just as much as everyone else is that reads this blog. But seriously, this is going a bit far. Exposing yourself to an officer to get a ticket is just weird. Speeding to get a ticket is just down right dangerous. I'm not gonna preach about it, but come on people, don't embarass the rest of us.


  1. OMG! I seriously LMAO on this one!!! Then I started thinking what would I do? Hmm maybe be a stalker Rob Pattz but would I go to jail for him? I'd say no now, but if his British hotness was standing near me, then lets just say I'd probably have be in an orange jumpsuit but at least I would know why. Just saying! =D

  2. I talk a good stalker game, but realistically - I'm not going to purposely break any laws. Well, trespassing maybe...but that would just be for lurking around sets and whatnot if I ever had the pleasure of visiting VanForks :)

  3. these guys totally make fun of kristen stewart in this strange show about dogs. she even sparkles in the daylight!


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