Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Gold Apple Standard

In honor of New Moon coming out in less than a month (hooray!), the next five weeks of The Gold Apple Standard will be reviews of fanfiction with a New Moon theme.
In her excellent piece of fanfic, Ithaca is Gorges, author giselle gives readers a look at the New Moon storyline through the eyes of Edward and Carlisle. In flip-flop chapters in both of their points of view, readers get to experience Edward as he faces the emotional agony of his decision to leave Bella to "keep her safe" and the desperation of the Cullen family as they are torn apart from one another, especially the feeling of failure as a father that wrenches Carlisle.

Nearly complete at 17 chapters, Ithaca is Gorges begins when the Cullen's first arrive in Ithaca, NY and takes readers through to the end of New Moon. The author included the entire Cullen family, and works in other characters from The Saga into her story. Her characters are fantastic: Edward is desperation personified, Carlisle struggles to lead his family and still be a father to Edward, Esme shows concern for her family in a gentle yet firm manner, Rosalie is ice cold and lets her opinions be known. The story tells of the bond of fathers and sons, and how love can change your life forever.

Ithaca is Gorges is one of the best pieces of fanfic I have ever read. The emotion that giselle is able to convey into word is amazing. The look at not only how Edward suffers through his time away from Bella, but also how the entire Cullen family deals with Edward's choices is a fascinating concept. giselle is wildly talented, and Ithaca is Gorges is a must read for anyone who needs a dose of New Moon before Nov. 20th.
Rated: PG-13

5 out of 5 Gold Apples

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