Thursday, October 15, 2009

Let Me Sign, Twilight Poetry

I feel like I should re-introduce myself because it has been so long since I have posted! I'm a bad blogger! BAD Mrs. R! If you don't remember me, I understand, here is my introduction.

I am just giddy that P.L.T. reached 200,000+ hits! SQUEEE!! That is just WOW & I'm proud to be a part of it! They are giving a few things away in honor of this accomplishment and you get the opportunity to mention one of your favorite past posts from P.L.T. Hmmmm.... Click here for details.

I know I have mentioned before how obsessed I am with all things Twilight and now that New Moon is almost here, O.M.G! I can barely stand it. Besides all the movie stills gracing the web daily & the Companion Book, Yoo-Hoo! Now the soundtrack is available *gulp* it is almost too much!
(not to mention the promotion tour will start soon!) *keels over dead!*

Is it November 20th yet?

As you may or may not know there are many ways to feed your Twisession.

  • There is photoshopping skills and we all seem to love us some Robward & Kristella.
I found this one & Google & it made me laugh, I believe the creators name is tagged.

  • Then they are countless blogs that cater to your every need! Check out our Blog Roll!
  • Music! We all swooned over Twilight! We now have the New Moon tunes to tide us over!
  • Then there is fan fiction. *sigh* If you don't know what fanfiction is, all I have to say is go back & read this or this. I have published a couple of my own stories and I sometimes read so much that I believe I personally know Edward and Bella and I want to invite them over for dinner! If only..........
  • Last but not least is Twitter. What did I do before I twittered? How did I see the latest Rob picture? Would I have been able to find the newest fan video on YouTube by myself? I probably would have spontaneously combusted months ago from lack of getting my Twi fix! *poof!*
The best most awesomesauce thing about Twitter is all the new friends I have made. I mean it is unreal how welcoming most of the fandom is. I have made friends from all over the globe, from Germany to the UK to California to right down the road, we all converge daily on Twitter & share our love for the Saga.

So the other day on Twitter (as if I do anything else during the day) I met a new pal, @LovesHerRomeo. We were twittering about fics and such, then she offered to let me preview something she had wrote. She had not shared it before and I felt honored. I loved it! She was skeptical about publishing it and I ask her if I could post it on here. She agreed...........

Rendered a pale, ghostly white, even under the black of night I’m frozen, can’t move.
No need to breathe, all too much to conceive, I’m all but lost knowing you are near.
Time is all we have now my love, and as it passes in our state of forever, you are what I’ll always be thinking of.
Our existence feels so natural, even though we know the truth,
I dare there to be someone who offers up any proof.
We’ll dwell here together for eternity, although it doesn’t seem that long, until the stars fall from the heavens and the universe sings her final song.
We will perish as one, frozen still as we are, the moon will whisper its goodbye’s and we’ll know the end is not far.
Hold on to me tight, embrace me with all your love and remember
That you we’re always the reason I believed in a higher power up above. I’ll never let you go, till the very end so bitter sweet,
I’ll cherish the taste of unconditional love that you have given to me everyday of our existence, such a treat.

There will never be another story like ours, no matter what lifetime we may find, so all that’s left to say is, Love; Let Me Sign!
- Sheena

Poetry. I used to love to write poetry, while I believe none of mine was as good as this, I had somehow... forgotten about my love of it.

Her summary: A short poem about Edward and Bella and the realization that they have each other indefinitaly for all eternity after she is changed from a human to a vampire, and the way she describes her feelings toward Edward. *sigh*
She has since posted onto after a little coaxing from yours truly, so go here to tell her how beautiful it is! This is what she had to say inspired her:
"I was definitely inspired by my undying love for Edward and Bella, my envy that started seeping through the pores of my heart, I want very much to be a part of that incredibly untouchable world. My life was forever changed the minute I picked up the first book and started feeling a kindling of love that doesn't exist in my 'REAL' life, but my faith that it does exist in someone else's. I want someone to be able to experience that kind of love... even if it can't be me.-"

Then she added,

"I have been writing since I knew how to put a pencil to paper, poems, short stories and now books, but this is my very first Fan Fiction and I hope everyone enjoys it. All my Thanks Go to Mrs. Robward for "holding my hand" and encouraging me to go for it!"

Sheena, you are more than welcome & I want to thank YOU for sharing your heart. -Stacy

So what inspires you? How are you getting your Twi fix? Until next time,

Peace. Love. Twilight.

Mrs. Robward


  1. what a wonderful poem! gave me goosebumps! Don't stop writing, Sheena!

  2. Thank you! And I promise to contiue writing as long as there is always some one out there who enjoys reading it!

  3. The photoshop skill is madz! I cant stop staring at it :D

  4. @Anonymous;
    Isn't her poem just GRANDE! She has already posted another one to her FFn account!

    You rock.
    thatisall! =]

    @Mizz Snape;
    There are some wild manips out there for shizzle! It was hard to find a G rated 1!

    Thanks for the comments ladies!



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