Thursday, October 15, 2009

Twijewelery Giveaway + Special Announcement

You know how much we love giveaways here at PLT, and you know how much you do as well!

We've got another great one for ya this week, and in celebration of a big milestone as well:

PLT reached 200,000+ hits on Tuesday, October 13!

How exciting is that?! So, in honor of our big moment...

Anastasia Rinaldi is offering a Bella's sterling silver rainbow moonstone ring, of $40.00 USD value!

TO WIN: Leave a comment with your name, email, and your favorite PLT post or posts (just a link is fine, but explanation is a big thumbs up), or email it to me at We want to collect our most popular and remembered posts and put them up in a special milestone post! Please share!

AND, not only are we giving away the ring, but also:

A PAIR OF EARRINGS to the FIRST TEN people to enter this giveaway, whether by email or commenting!


This giveaway ends a week from now, Thursday, October 22.


  1. Great Giveaway! I Loved your Twilight Clue game you played! That was so original and fun to participate in with you!!


  2. Woo hoo, free stuff! Yeah!!

    I have to say my favorite post(s) were the Twilight Clue game. You had all three girls from The Twiangle in quite the tizzy. We brainstormed on the best approach, we broke the list of websites into three sets so we could divide and conquer, I even made a spreadsheet (no really, it was the nicest spreadsheet ever...I hope I saved a copy because I'll send it to you so that you can bask in it's organized glory).

    So technically there was a whole week's worth of Clue posts...but I suppose you should start with the first:

    Congrats on 200k!

  3. Ohh we all love giveaways :)) and Bella Bejeweled makes wonderful stuff.

    The post I love most is this one

    Because that describes why we are all here, because of Twilight and Edward :-)


  4. Ok, lady- here's my post:

    My favorite post of yours isn't a post- it's the scavenger hunt you had a couple of months back- clever, cute, and lots of work, I'm sure- but tons of fun!

    I LOVE that ring, btw!!!

  5. Chiara-- And. Love the new moon poster of te day posts! 

  6. I adore the one about your hand!!! I LOVE THIS!!!

    OH and the bathroom one as well. Yeah I'm random like that! bwhahaha I LOVE PEACE LOVE TWILIGHT!!!


  7. Hi

  8. I liked the Twilight clue game. And the poster of the days.

  9. Ashley

    I absolutely LOVE KStew and her photoshoots, so behind the scenes stuff is always awesome.

  10. HEY PLT...I'm not an earring person(cause my ears aren't peirced lol) but a moonstone ring would look lovely on my hand! My favorite post would have to be the whole week of Twilight Clue game and the best part...when I won 2nd place...Love Ya!!

  11. I agree with Kim the Twilight Clue game was so much fun! That was actually my introduction to your site!

    I realy liked this post
    about the symbolic colors of Twilight. I too noticed it and thought it was very insightful.

    PS I want to be Bella for Halloween and would love the ring!

  12. oops, forgot my name and email!
    It's Jen,

    and congrats!

  13. Sarah VanderWende

    My favorite post is the same as Mrs. Vanquish! :)

  14. I loved the Twilight clue game it was so fun to play !
    Congrats on the 200,000 + hits!!!!


  15. I love the post with the poem by Elizabeth Browning (which has become one of my favorite poem), reminding us in great awesome details why we love Twilight and Rob :)

    Good luck guys!~

  16. I love seeing your New Moon posters of the day!! They are always interesting too look at.

  17. Def the Twilight clue game. So much fun!

  18. I can't belive I just foun this blog, love it!

  19. i loved the post with the new moon which is better pics where you compared The characters from the first movie to how they look like in new moon

    Aileen snow


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