Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Defining New Moon" Giveaway

You can win your very own copy of the recently released"Defining New Moon" by Brian Leaf!

A vocabulary guide for the SAT, ACT, GED, and SSAT that manages to involve New Moon in every possible way. Also great for a better thorough experience for reading New Moon, whether you're taking these exams or not!

Read our staff review of "Defining New Moon" here.

All you have to do:

Leave a comment on this post with your name, email, and YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT NEW MOON.

Giveaway ends Thursday, November 26!


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  1. I would have to say that my favorite thing about New moon would be that you get to see a different side of Jacob not only Physical but also mentally. He changed a lot, He is the one true person Bella can trust and she knows it now. I think that the characters change somewhat from the first book. They start to see things different, even if it is bad. I still like Edward and all but, I am happy that they actually gave Jacob a chance even though he had no way of winning her. : D

  2. I would say that my favorite part of New Moon is the fact that it shows that true love is very powerful thing. A love that Edward and Bella have is never ending. My name is Loucinda Sova. And my email is

  3. I LOVE that Jacob speaks his mind. He knows that Bella loves Edward but for the most part he sticks around and lets his feelings known. He is such a grown 16 year old in that dept! yeah I know... he isnt really a 16 year old but.... he takes it all in stride and is there for Bella eventhough he knows she doesnt feel the same way and that is real and refreshing.....

  4. Well I am happy to say I have seen New Moon here in Australia and in the movie I loved it all (totally AWESOME!!) but in the book I love connection Bella gains with Jacob and how much they need eachother

  5. Please count me in. My favorite thing about New Moon is that it focuses on Jacob. I am definately on Team Jacob.

    lizzi0915 at aol dot com

  6. My favorite thing about New Moon would be that no matter how much time has pasted, you can still see how much Bella loves Edward. Even with her growing relationship with Jacob, she is willing to risk her life just to feel Edward near her. There are so many emotional highs and lows in New Moon it really brings you into the story.

  7. My favorite thing about New Moon is when Bella first goes back to La Push, and Jake and Bella are sitting in the garage.


  8. Name: Vicky
    It is so hard to pick just one thing I love about New Moon. The film is amazingly awesome, as is the book :) My favourite bit has to be the way Jacob has a big role in it. Bella has such a different relationship with Jacob comparing this to hers with Edward. I guess you could say it is refreshing. It's so lighthearted as Jacob has a good sense of humour. In some ways, this is why I love this book and film. I like the way that it gives Bella another option rather than just Edward. And the emotions that someone goes through when reading/ watching New Moon is incredible! The highs and lows really make the film a great one. All thanks to the werewolf ;) Thanks for doing a competition like this by the way!

  9. My favorite thing about New Moon is that it explains that true love never ends. Edward did leave Bella but he thought about her all the time he was away and Bella did all things crazy things just to imagine that he was there with her, always protecting her.

    Name: Bianny

    Thanks :)

  10. Name: Victoria

    Sometimes Edward and Bella's relationship gets a bit boring. Just because there are no arguments, it doesn't really seem real; no one can relate to it. But when Jacob comes into the picture, he brings a whole new atmosphere to the Twilight Saga. When they are both sitting in the garage together building the motorbikes, New Moon becomes lighthearted and friendly rather than depressing when Edward leaves. Because, when I read the book, I was actually a bit depressed myself when I read the part where Edward leaves, it makes me quite upset! But, then the hero Jacobs comes in with his amazing sense of humour. "So what are we doin tomorrow? Hiking or ER?" (Page 203, New Moon) Bits like that make this book. It makes it relatable to real life. And anyway, who doesn't have fall outs "Jacob & Bella style"?! Seriously, would Edward say something like that? The book would be so boring without Jacob. The film really portrays this too - which by the way.. IS AWESOME!
    So, I would say, the best thing about New Moon.. has to be Jacob :)
    Thanks for doing this competition :)
    i <3 New Moon :)

  11. Name: Danielle

    My favourite thing about New Moon is how Stephenie Meyer has shown the absense of Edward when he is still so much a part of it. Some people think he is barely even in the book when really he is like the heart and soul of the story. I like that even though he isn't there is somehow still revolves around him and Bella still truely loves him.


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