Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fan Fiction Discussions?

Hey guys,

Besides being a blogger (duh) I'm also a big blog reader, when I get the chance.

I have noticed a lot of my favorite Twilight blogs doing fan fiction, book, and/or movie discussions.

I realize that this type of discussion is not customary here on PLT, as we mainly post news, videos, reviews, giveaways...and of course the occasional staff editorial or reflection piece.

But what I would like to do is get you, the readers, more involved.

The discussions would involve the in-depth reading of a single FF for each discussion, involving your thoughts and questions and possible the fan fiction author themself.

So my question for you is: would you participate in such fan fiction discussions if we have them?

If I get a positive response, then I will start off a discussion within the next couple of weeks. Feel free to suggest your favorite fan fiction or topic!


  1. I would definitely participate!! Right now I am stuck in fan fiction world. I would love to discuss!!! Especially since I am sure we are headed into a Twilight void as soon as New Moon leaves the theatre!!!

    Rachel Z.

  2. Can we start this after NanoWriMo? *is being a dirty whore cause she wants to participate* I would love to discuss a fanfic at the same time as others.


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