Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Gold Apple Standard: Thy Beauty by Subtlynice

Hi all! Sorry for the absence, I had an unexpected trip out of town. But I'm back, with the final New Moon fanfiction review to celebrate the movie release!

Thy Beauty by Subtlynice is yet another version of New Moon from Edward's perspective. Starting from the moment he begins to walk into the sun in Volterra to the end confrontation with Jacob, Thy Beauty is a sweeping, fantastically told version of New Moon. As the last review for The Gold Apple Standard's New Moon Month, Thy Beauty is a true stand-out among all the fantastic stories.

Told in the exact timetable of New Moon, Thy Beauty is nearly flawless. It nails characters perfectly, gives in-depth, beautiful descriptions, and succeeds in making the emotions of Edward and those around him as he read their minds picture perfect. The author incorporates dialog from New Moon in flawlessly, making Thy Beauty feel even more a part of the actual story. The insight she puts into the characters alone make this story a must read-especially when concerning the members of the Volturi. The inside looks at Aro and Marcus are incredible.

Subtlynice is gifted writer. Her story here is lovely. Infused with Shakespeare quotes and New Moon dialog make it even better, but it is the writer's own words that make this piece really shine. Thy Beauty is a true stand out in New Moon fanfiction. Read it today before you head out to the see New Moon on the big screen!

Rated: PG-13

5 out of 5 Gold Apples

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