Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Golden Apple Standard: Numb by 2kool4skool

In 2kool4skool's one-shot fanfiction, Numb, Jasper waits by the phone. He waits and waits, and fears that his life as he knows it is about to end.

Taken from the moment in New Moon where Alice calls Jasper and tells him not to follow her, readers get Jasper's point of view as Alice's life lies in the balance as she flees with Bella to the Volturi to save Edward. Motionless, he waits for her to call back, to say that she's safe. He cannot be comforted as he imagines the worst and reflects on his life with Alice. And part of him begins to understand Edward's choice to try and die at the idea of his mate being dead-because Jasper too will find a way to end his life if Alice doesn't make it out.

2kool4skool has a great writing style. She is both articulate and moving as she writes of Jasper's mindset in a dark hour. The reader gets a sense of how bonded he and Alice are, and how her death will destroy him and everything he has become. Numb is both a story of love and suspense, and will leave the reader wishing it was more then just a one-shot.

Rated: T

4 out of 5 Golden Apples

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