Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Harper's Bazaar Photo Shoot + Interview... *DEAD*

Subscriber's Edition (Why don't I subscribe to HB? WHY?!)

Newsstand Edition (incomplete)

Pardon me, I just fell on the floor after seeing these pictures.

Rob and Kristen posed for the December issue of Harper's Bazaar and answered some questions too.

ROB: "My dad's a car dealer, but I grew up in London, so I always say I don't drive…I get driven. I got a driving lesson in Oregon, and then I bought a car in L.A. and I basically learned how to drive by people honking at me. I'm terrible at driving."

KRISTEN, on what animal she'd be: "With cats, you’re like, 'Come here!' And they're standing there being like, 'F*** you!'"

R: "In London, doing the washing was a bi-annual thing, a giant mission. Me and my flatmate had BMX [bikes] and we'd have two of them and this massive laundry sack, a convoy."

K: "I think it's sexy when chicks wear black slouchy trousers -- fitted, but slouchy. I look at designer clothes on Rob and I'm like, 'I want those pants, man.'"

R: "I kind of wish people didn't know who I am, that I could just lie, say I'm a speechwriter for Obama. This is what I said before Twilight. And then Obama came along and picked up all these young writers. I found out this guy, Jon Favreau -- who's not the actor Jon Favreau -- is writing for him. And I was like, 'Wow, I wonder if the people who thought I was bullshitting at the time are like, 'Oh my god. That guy! That kid who was drunk in some bar actually wrote the health care bill!'"

K: "I’m 5'6". I feel like I should be taller. I feel like I'm smaller than my mental stature. I should be 5'10". 5'10" would be very good."

R: "I don't spend any money. The only thing I've really bought is my car, which cost $1,500 and keeps exploding. It would be nice to buy a house for my parents, but at the same time my parents are so comfortable where they live; they would probably just feel like it was a burden. I wear the same clothes every day and the only thing I used to splurge on was DVDs."

K: "Anything that I do for work, I'm nervous about. If I'm not nervous about it, then I shouldn't be doing it."

R on modeling: "I peaked at 12. There are so many photos from that time where I look unbearably awkward. I'd just be looking in random directions and stuff."

K: "I make really good pie. Apple pie -- it's the best."

R on dancing: "I used to be really good, but then something happened in my brain."

Love this giggly Rob! He seems truly happy.


Note the new PLT banner? This is my fave.

Tender Rob.


You can read Rob and Kristen's full interview here.

And here's a video about the interview:

When you have finished regaining your breath, leave a comment with your thoughts!

PS: Sorry for making this the longest post in the history of the world, but...I had to post all these pictures. You understand.


  1. Why the reporter in vid use a great deal of time describe Rob's handsome,most beautiful creature on and on, and only saying
    Kristen is spunky but not cheesy and they have to "make" her look sexy. Is she blind or jealous? Kristen is breathtaking beautiful
    even look better than Rob in pictures above.
    I pick jealousy.

  2. Volgens mij is ze echt jaloers, want ze deed dus een super uitgebreide uitleg over de perfectie van Rob, en die was zo uitgebreid dat ze wel jaloers móet zijn. Volgens mij zou ze dolgraag in de schoenen van Kristin staan. Maarja, zeg nou eerlijk, wie wil dat nou niet? Misschien de meeste jongens, maarja, dat is een uitzondering..


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