Saturday, November 14, 2009

Much, not so well informed

So, on Friday I went to Much and saw Kellan Lutz and Bronson Pelletier. I was pretty awesome! No autographs but still, it was cool.

Anyways there were these girls there, lots of them and they didn't know that a) Bronson plays Jared and b) he's Canadian. Like seriously. I thought those were some pretty important details. I couldn't believe it. I was like "Seriously, these girls aren't even really fans, they should not have the right to call themselves 'Twi-hards'!!" I went with my dad so he just shock his head at me but still.
And another thing. Sarah Taylor was interviewing them and asked what was different between Twilight and New Moon. Bronson gave her a look then informed her that he had NO idea seeing as how he wasn't in the first one. People, seriously.

Last thing that was kind of annoying. Some other guy was talking about it and he works there and he said that they were hard at work filming Eclipse. Gosh these people are VERY badly informed, Eclipse finished filming like 2 weeks ago.

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  1. That is so funny! I was at a HT New Moon Cast tour event last night with Charlie Bewley and Daniel Cudmore. As I was waiting in line for the autograph signing I realized most of the girls around me didn't even know who they were! They just knew they were meeting 'Twilight' people. Sad.


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