Monday, November 23, 2009

My Midnight showing experience of New Moon

So if you haven't heard, New Moon came out last week! I just wanted to first say that in the first 3 days the movie grossed a little over $142 million! Not bad considering it was the book I first began my intense dislike of Bella, though I liked her again in Breaking Dawn. I saw it twice and will most likley see again, just to get a look at the wolf-pack! Hubba Hubba! This movie I feel was good, and I know like Twilight it will just get better with each viewing. Seriously!

So with that said, I like so many others bought my tickets about two months prior to the midnight showing. Oh was that just me? With a week left before the 11/19/09 I heard that some of the theaters would be also showing Twilight before. I was stoked but before I and my friend purchased I wanted to make sure we would be allowed to stay in the seats, because I already knew it was going to be hella crazy.

They said of course! So another $5 was spent for those tickets. When we got to the movies it was 6:30pm still many hours and the first thing we saw was this outrageous line that was wrapped around. We both looked at each other in dismay until we found out that it was not our line, but the New Moon folks who did not have the foresight to get Twilight tickets!

We gave each other a mental high five, and made our way to our line which was long but not outrageous. We had about an hour and a half before they would seat us, and what happens in those situations, you form line bounds. You know when you talk to people who share your love of this Twilight phenom.

So we chatted talking about how smart we were to have got our tickets to when we first found out our love for Twilight. We even talked about all the crazy stuff being offered at Hot Topic, which I will going back to get, thank you very much. I who wanted to be completely different opted to get a Volturi shirt and yes I was the talk of the line!

Then it was time to get into the movies. Oh were we uber excited. We tried to not to showoff for the New Mooners, but come on we got the better deal!

Once inside we sat next to some 8th graders, because deep down I am a little kid and boy did we have fun, until the stupid usher came in during the intermission and threatened to kick them out because they got complaints. I mean come on, this movie is geared towards teenagers and it was the midnight showing, of course there was going to be some shenanigans! But once New Moon started we all got quiet, laughed at certain parts, screamed at others, and sighed at the end.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed myself even with the old fogies who kept shushing everyone. Seriously. While we we're laughing. I'm 38 but come on! What about you? Had a fun experience or terrible?

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  1. i too attended a midnight screening of the much anticipated New Moon. And i just finished exams at school so this was the ultimate celebration with myself and 2 of my Twilight saga obsessive friends. Although it was in the city we had to have someone to drive us. My mum is 41 and she came along with us. She has read all of the books and has an opinion everything. She works night shift and this was her only night off that she could take us. can you say LUCKY. Anyway the next day after she got home from work she proceded to tell me how she had spent the night bragging about going to the new moon midnight screening. So don't feel like you did anything wrong with going at 38. I'm only 17 but i had the night of my life. I loved how the whole theatre screamed when the movie started and we all laughed together and whistled when Taylor Lautner took his shirt off. i've been to go see New MOon 3 times so far and plan on seeing it at least 5 times to beat my record of 4 for twilight. Wow, i didn't mean to write such a long comment so sorry if this was boring. If you wanna chat more than email me at


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