Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Moon, and other relevance

So, like most of the people who will hopefully be reading this, I saw New Moon at midnight. I wanted to be there 6 hours early but my little sister and her friend voted against it so we settled for 4 but that's alright. I came home and didn't really remember much of the movie because the events leading up to it were crazy.

First, at the theater we are put in one line and that's great put then we are moved to another and people weren't staying in the same order. Like seriously, I didn't wait 4 hours to be at the end of the line so I started running with the rest of the people but the first cause of hold up was this one mom. So the mom had 4 12 year old or something with her and they brought just random stuff and they couldn't move it all as fast as everyone else so people were running past them...and us. By this time there were 5 of us. So I kinda ran past her but she caught up to me and as she was running past she started hitting me with her purse. It was hilarious, though I did regain my spot in line, more or less.

Another amazing thing that happened was when we were going into the theater. So the people that worked there let the line go into the theater so of course, everyone set off at a dead run. My little sister and her friend were closer to the front so we started running up the stairs. You hit this one spot that is like a square just in the middle so just above that some random girl body checked me. Like really full out into the row of seats. I couldn't believe people actually did that, we weren't even aiming for the same ROW never mind seat. That was funny. My friends, now 7 of us, thought that was the funniest thing ever. And, honestly it was.

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  1. Haha this is very funny. I went to a midnight screening in australia and i can say that i am so happy that i didn't go where you did because we had the better idea. There was allocated seating so nobody was being pushed around trying to get into the cinema to get good seats. :)


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