Monday, January 4, 2010

RPattz look-a-like! Teehee


This in from the uber-wonderful Twilight Examiner:

A recent report by the Wichita Eagle, a local Kansas newspaper, highlighted the story that this young man suffers from the absolutely unbearable problem of looking like Robert Pattinson to local girls and women.
"Poor Austin. Born with an angular jaw, brooding eyes, superior bone structure and a striking resemblance to one of Hollywood's most panted-over movie stars."
Yes, poor Austin . . . Only, even he realizes that it's nothing to write home about. "It's kind of amusing. And it's kind of a compliment, so I can't really get too mad about it," he told the newspaper. Apparently, he even went to the premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon to see if he could stir up some trouble but was unsuccessful.

What do you think?

Methinks he's pretty darn close ;) but no one can truly match the glory of our Robert.


  1. I can almooooost see it. He's got the eyes, I think but he's definitely no RPattz! :)

  2. I tend to agree something is off. No RPattz.

  3. I think the eyebrows & hair color is what gives that impression but everything, no...But I can see at a quick glance or from a distance where he might have some unwanted (or wanted??) attention! lol

  4. Maybe 30% similar, but I will SO not confuse that guy for Rob. Seriously. :P

  5. yo...he does kinda look like rpattz :P his eyes are wider and he has a more pointy jaw while robert pattinson has a square jaw and more smaller eyes


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