Friday, January 29, 2010

The Twilight Lexicon interviews Christopher Heyerdahl (Marcus)

L: We’ve heard a lot of the cast members say that they don’t actually think the Volturi are the “bad guys,” they’re just doing what vampires do naturally, so it’s interesting to hear you question it from Marcus’ point of view.
C: I don’t think the Volturi – because the Volturi is a clan, right? The Volturi are a ruling clan. So from Marcus’ point of view – no. The Volturi are not bad. Someone has to rule.
L: Someone has to set the rules.
C: Absolutely. Otherwise it would be a free for all.
L: Somebody’s gotta be the police.
C: Absolutely. But it’s a huge responsibility because they’re also the judges. They are the Supreme Court. And the Supreme Court – I mean, what an awful thing if the Supreme Court is corrupt. Leaves you speechless. What’s the point? So they are the Supreme Court. At least the triumvirate is the Supreme Court. People like Charlie’s character and Daniel and Dakota and Cameron, they are there. They are the police. So it’s necessary that the Supreme Court be just. And sometimes, like I said before, the Supreme Court is…
L: A little twisted.
C: Yeah, they have their own political agenda. And by far, Marcus is – that’s not what he’s interested in. He’s interested in the group as a whole. Keeping the eye on the prize and focusing on the just.

Read more of the transcripts, part one here and part two here.

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