Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fans Devour Eclipse Trailer

According to MTV, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse fans are more than ready for the movie premiere in June.

YouTube reviewers, such as 'sungemeni15,' said "[The trailer is] so awesome, can't wait to see the movie." Other commentators, such as 'CreamTheRabbitFan12,' stated that, "This trailer is pretty epic."

Of course, there are (and will always be) those one or two--or, in this case, hundreds--of people who contradict the good, supportive reviews.

These people can be harsh, rash and even ridiculous at times. Their reviews go something like this--"That was kinda boring. I don't want to see it anymore," and "The new Victoria is lame. And so is this trailer."

There are over nine thousand comments on the trailer on YouTube. This is only four of the thousands of comments. Approximately every tenth comment is a flame toward the movie, the actors, the books, or everything in general.

Where some fans have gone crazy over Taylor Lautner and his beautiful abs (myself included), there are just as many fans that would love to hear that his career is over--like for as many fans that have "sunken their teeth" into the books and the movies, there are just as many who despise Twilight and everything about it.

My friend came up with a nickname for people--mainly women--who really like or love the Twilight Saga, and everything associated: TwiWhores. It's not intended to be offensive, it's just a term.

On the other hand, we came up with "TwiHaters" for the people--c'mon, admit it, there are many of them out there--who dislike, or hate, the Twilight Saga. And everything associated.

Take a minute and think: are you a TwiWhore, or a TwiHater?

Be honest with yourself and remember--for as many people who have fallen head-over-heels for the hype, the books, and the movies...
There are just as many people that haven't.


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