Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kristen actually sang in The Runaways

"I was really concerned about getting the music right because The Runaways have a very distinctive sound. It's not just singing, it's trying to sound like them. I wasn't lip-synching. I worked hard to get like that growl that Joan does when she's performing. I'm not saying that I did it perfectly, but I gave it my best. And I learned to play the guitar because I didn't want to fake it."

Kristen answered more questions here.

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  1. I think that this book was a giant step back to the days when female characters were as utterly dimensionless as they could possibly be. They had one side and it was a weak needy dependent doormat, aka Bella Swan. Edward is borderline verbally abusive, controlling, and manipulative. Their "love" is a hugely delusional dependent relationship formed simply because of overwhelming teenage hormones, resulting in an attraction. That's all twilight is, just an attraction between two people who so desperately need counseling that slightest bit of mutual tolerance is taken as an undying love.The writing isn't even that good and the plot line is shaky at best. I feel that this book is fad simply because of one inevitable fact, Edward is hot. So if all you care about is sex appeal Edward is your guy. And if that in itself is enough to support a terribly written stupid plot line with idiotic characters, in your opinion, this is your book. Here's a little advice read Jane Eyre, The Scarlett Letter, and Anna Karenina, then and only then can I even begin to respect your opinion.(I won't be surprised if this comment gets removed, due to a lack of manners... Oh well.)


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