Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie Review - And why Bella must die!

Ok maybe not, but this is the part of the series, where I and many others had extreme hatred for one Bella Swan and her back and forth shenanigans between Edward and Jacob.

Now before I get started, if you are over Twilight in general or could care less, then I suggest you leave the blog post now. But you should keep reading well I kick ass as a writer and I think you will find my writing “voice” witty. Seriously.

Eclipse is where we get more insight into Jasper, Rosalie and the Quileute Indians’ legend of the Cold ones. And of course the crazy mixed-up emotional Bella Swan.

As the scene opens we see a young man leaving a store at night in the rain, when all of a sudden he is attacked, then thrown against a wall, then chased until he is bitten and the venom sets in. He starts screaming in agony. And this is the start of a great movie.

From that scene on, the viewer is transported back to Forks, where Bella must decide between her immortal love or her wolfy friend who is more than a friend. If you ever read Wuthering Heights, then this would be the modern version of it.

In between Bella’s dilemma is Victoria, who is creating an army of newborn vampires to destroy Bella. That is some intense hatred on Victoria’s part, but she is past reason at this point. A battle ensues, where the wolves, the natural enemy of the vampires, must create a truce with the Cullens to fight off the newborn vampires who are stronger and therefore more deadlier than even the oldest vampire.

And keep in mind, this is to save one Bella Swan, the only human aware of the things that go bump in the night.

A couple of things I had problems with in this film. Yes even an extreme fan can have some not so nice thoughts about her favorite vampire story.

There is a part in the movie where Bella and Jacob are talking and for some reason the camera had this shaking quality that was quite irritating. The other problem for me was Bryce Dallas Howard. I don’t know if it was because I saw Rachelle L. in both Twilight and New Moon right before Eclipse, but as the new Victoria I just could not see it. As a matter of fact I hated this Victoria. And while in some parts of the movie her hair was red, yet when Victoria was fighting Edward in the snow, her hair somehow magically turned brown.

I mean the studio’s budget is a huge, and they couldn’t fix these two problems? Plus I think I’m biased in the fact that Rachelle just made a better Victoria.

Overall, though this movie was better than the previous two, Bella’s character makes one wish Victoria did get a hold of her and kill her. I mean it would have put Bella out of her self-imposed misery. Just saying. Thanks for reading!


  1. I don't like Bryce as Victoria either. I just loved Rachelle!

  2. I gd to know I wasn't the only one. She marred and otherwise awesome movie. At least in my humble opinion, lol.

  3. A compelling enough sequel certain to enthrall the target demographic apt to agree that it's a big improvement over Twilight 2, though not nearly as enchanting as the original.



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