Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I have blindly selected our winner from your hundreds of entries for PLT's Twilight DVD Party Pack Giveaway!

AND THE WINNER IS...... (!!!)

Amy Hill!

Congratulations, Amy! I wish I had a party pack for every entrant but I don't, unfortunately, so there is only one winner who will receive this prize.   :(

Here are Amy's party plans for the DVD release:

My husband's mother works at our local Walmart. As soon as Twilight is offically being sold, my husband's mother is going to call me. My sister and I (decked out in our Twilight inspired tees) are then going to Walmart (less than 5 minutes away from my house) to purchase the DVD (we cannot waste any time, so all of our vampirey snacks will have already been purchased). We will then come back to my house and watch the movie and ALL of the extras. My husband thinks we are nuts but it doesn't matter....I don't say anything to him about being obsessed with golf and playing golf almost everyday. So, he has not right. My sister and I cannot help it!!

And here are her decoration/food/activity ideas for a DVD Viewing Party:

--Bob for RED apples
--Bowls of red apples for decoration (we did this for a bridal shower and it looked fantastic)
--Candy red apples to snack on
--Design your own crest out of cardboard for wall decorations
--You could make a Twilight Trivia game and see who could answer the most correct answers
--You could have each guest make a family crest necklace out of paperstock (for the crest) and yarn or other string (for the chain)
--You could have a chess set out with only the white queen on the board
--You could paint pawn pieces red and place sparatically throughout your party site -- the same with white queen pieces (if you can find enough)
--For a party favor you could send guests home with a travel magnetic chess game or a single red apple candle (I know they sell these because we purchased for the bridal shower)
--Centerpiece - red roses
--Have a playlist (soundtrack) from the movie playing in the background
--Make bracelets to resemble Bella's bracelet
--Purchase tee shirt transfer paper/fabric paint/fabric markers and create Twilight inspired t shirts (I personally love the iron on transfers)
--Have red punch and call it "Bloody" drink
--Plasic vampire teeth
--Draw bite marks on the necks for your guests (sort of like a stamp you would get at a club to get in)
--Have a sign outside your home when they arrive saying "you have arrived in Forks Washington"
--Make sure that the sign reads "you are now leaving Forks Washington" on the other side, so when guests are leaving it seems like they are leaving the town
--Apple pie (snack)

Thank you so much to everyone who entered! Keep checking out PLT for your latest news and giveaways to come!!! (Hint: anyone heard of Blue Foundation?)

And once again, congratulations to Amy! (Please send me your address so I can have the prize sent to you in time.)


  1. congrats amy! im so jealus i wanted to win **pouty face**

  2. OMG!! I am so excited! *happy dance* Thanks for the Twilight giveaway!! :)

  3. correction it's

    -Ashley and Maya

  4. WOOOO GO AMY! <3 Take pictures of the stuff if you can! I'm excited for you


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