Sunday, April 19, 2009

Alice predicts...New Moon shall be #1!

Okay, so maybe it's not Alice doing the predictions. But it is someone just as cool!

Amanda Bell, the Twilight Examiner, believes that New Moon will be the #1 movie this year.

The latest gross figures from IMDb show Twilight (the film) as having brought in a quaint $351,449,475 worldwide, and we already know that it is the number one DVD for the year. Of book sales, Twilight is ranked number two in book sales for the first quarter of this year according to USA Today. Ranked number one? That would be New Moon, followed with Eclipse and Breaking Dawn at a comfortable third and fourth place respectively. (Also, Meyer’s The Host was at 14th place.) Furthermore, a recent press release shows Twilight still ranked in the top ten sales and rentals for the week ending on April 12th, the third week of its release to DVD.
With Twilight’s film success, some commentators have opined that the film’s frenzy was responsible for some of the increase in book sales both last quarter and the previous one (the final quarter of 2008, that is). If that is true, this means great things for The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

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Is it mere hopeful optimism? There are some tough contenders: Transformers and Harry Potter will definitely give New Moon a run for its money. But...I think it'll come in second after Half-Blood Prince, which I will also be going to see more than once. :)

Your thoughts? How many times will you go see New Moon?

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