Saturday, April 11, 2009

Japan: Making Twilight Even Yummier

As if Twilight wasn't yummy enough with Rob, Kellan, Jackson, Peter, Taylor, etc., Japan has several Twilight-inspired treats to top it off.

To commemorate the release of Twilight in Japan, cafes have put limited items on their menus inspired by the "first love" of Bella and Edward in the movie.

*The names and items are very loosely translated. If they need to be corrected please let me know!

**100 Yen = 1 US Dollar. Roughly.

Edward Cocktail, 1,000 Yen.

Robert Pattinson cocktail that represents Edward the Vampire. A Sweet, bubbly cocktail.

Bella Martini 1,000 Yen.

Kristen Stewart cocktail that represents the first love of Bella. A sweet and Sour martini.

Also, with a ticket you could order a dinner course for 2,500 Yen.
It came with a seasonal Hors d'oeuvre. Soup. Shrimp and fried asparagus. Pork with Ume (plum). Cabbage Chow Mein. And a VJ special dessert.

VJ Bar, Fukuoka city.

Twilight - Forbidden Fruit, 480 Yen.

The apple is filled with vanilla mousse while the bottom is milk chocolate mousse.

Hotel New Hankyu, Osaka.

Rum Raisin Macaroon Parfait, 880 yen.

I think it's a parfait with espresso ice cream (or just espresso added), with rum raisins on top and macaroon. Only it is a Japanese macaroon which is more like cake cookies with a flavoured cream in between (which are awesome, btw!).

First Love, 660 Yen.

Pomegranate syrup mixed with soda water. Basically a fancy Shirley Temple.

Bring in your ticket stub and you'll get 10% off your meal.

Trinity, Kobe City.

Fragrant Rose with Chocolate Mint Mousse, 450 Yen.

Chocolate Mint mousse with a real rose accent. The sweetness is said to be like first love and the rose expresses the elegant image of the movie. *Snicker*

Hotel Nikko Ibaraki, Osaka.

Sicilian Blood Orange Juice, 600 Yen.

Just like the blood the Vampire likes, this Sicilian Blood Orange juice is deep red. And has 3X the vitamin C.

Bring your ticket stub and you'll get 10% off the meal ticket.

Dig Me Out --Art & Diner, Osaka.

Chiffon Cake, 450 Yen.

Sweet and Sour chiffon cake and ice cream with blueberry and Raspberry flavouring.

Berry Yogurt Smoothie, 600 Yen.

Blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry smoothie.

Order any of the two above with a ticket stub and you'll get a free coffee or black tea.

Twilight Ruby, 600 Yen.

Freshly squeezed blood orange juice.

Bring ticket and you'll get 100 Yen off the drink.

Cafe Continue, Osaka.

La tarte de rose, 600 Yen.

Apple tart filled with custard. (This one looks the best. OMG)

Bring ticket and you'll get a free drink with lunch service.

Amelie, Osaka.

Cheese Cake Parfait, 700 Yen.

A parfait with cheescake on the bottom, topped with a ice cream and a berry sauce and biscuit.

With a ticket, and if you ordered the parfait, you can take 500 yen off a 3000 yen bill.

Cafe FETE, Osaka.

Twilight Cheese Cake, 720 Yen.

Cheese cake filled apple.

With a ticket stub you can order a set which comes with the cheese cake and a coffee/black tea.

Cafe Cream, Osaka.

Twilight Cocktail, 700 Yen.

A cocktail made with ruby red grapefruit, pomegranate and soda water.

Order the cocktail and bring a ticket and you'll get 10% off after 6 P.M.

8B Dining Cafe, Osaka.

From neko_oni on LJ via Cullen Boys Anonymous!

I don't know about you, but I'm thinking about moving to Japan now...

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  1. Wow! And I thought we were all totally ga-ga for Twilight here in the states! I agree with you - this definitely makes me want to start planning a trip to Japan...


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