Friday, April 10, 2009

Only Five Reasons?

The Deadbolt has a list of five reasons why Twilight and New Moon are so popular. But why only five? I can think of far more than that! 
Like, "Rob is hot. Edward is hot. Did I mention Rob is hot?"
This is quite interesting, though.

1. Twilight and the Social Networking era

When you step back and objectively take a look how popular the Twilight franchise has become, it's interesting to see how much the Stephenie Meyer based saga is benefiting from how connected we now are as a people. Networks like Twitter and Facebook (to name only two of hundreds) bring together Twilight fans in so many ways that weren't available in years past.

And fansites like Peace. Love. Twilight!, for instance. ;)

2. Twilight Misfits in a Rapidly Changing Time:

Why do people relate so much with the Twilight Saga? We've been there in life, or some of us are there now; that's why. But the world is rapidly changing around us each day in an ever-expanding information age. Given all of the advances in technology, changes in politics, simmering world tensions, a heavier-then-need-be focus on celebrity, and much more, there are a lot of people out there who feel exactly like Edward and Bella at this very moment, trying to find their way when sometimes they have no choice but to trust in the forbidden, even if it can kill you.

3. Twilight Fans of All Ages with a Common Bond

Like it or not, the Twilight Saga is bringing both young and old fans of Twilight and New Moon together in a rare common bond relationship that doesn't feel awkward.

True that!

4. Twilight Love in a New Moon Time of War and Recession

Although this one's not quite as tangible on the Twilight scale as the rest, it's not hard to conceive that the huge online groundswell for the Twilight franchise is due in part to the real life exhaustion of uncertainty and upheaval over both social and global conflict. I mean, after enduring eight years of negative images on the nightly news, running away from real life for a few hours to the world of Twilight isn't a bad idea.

5. Twilight Flesh for New Moon Fantasy

Aside from the Billy Idol underpinning of the title, this one's obvious, and it's all about escape and lust. The Twilight Saga, both in book form and movies, has all the right ingredients for the female population to lose themselves in fantasy. I mean, punch the names Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner into Google and see what you come up with. It's the forbidden fruit of falling in love and getting steamy with not only the Twilight and New Moon actors, but also the characters of Edward Cullen and Jacob Black. It's the fantasy of "if only I could" or "if only life were like" type of scenarios.

Read the full reasons here.

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