Saturday, April 4, 2009

Want to Appear in an Official Video by TwiCanCon?

A contest from TwiCanCon:

Hey people!
Here’s a little peek at something we’ve been working very hard on;
We will soon be launching our very first YouTube video *gasp*. Just to put it out there: our channel is not going to be related to TwiCanCon or the petition. This our way of expressing our love for the Twilight Saga (which is pretty darn huge, I must say).
Here’s where you guys come in. We’re in the midst of filming and editing (editing takes so freakin’ long! kudos to all you accomplished twitubers, it’s a lot of work!) and there’s a clip that we would really like but need your help to get! With all you creative and passionate Twihards out there, we are looking for some volounteers.
We need a short clip (around 10-15 seconds) of a large amount of Twilighters just screaming their heads off. Easy enough? The more people the better, we need the *Twilight effect*, show some love. You can be wearing Twilight tees, holding posters, however you like. So gather up all your Twilighter friends for a little squealing session and send it our way. We will choose the clip that bests suits our video.
For legal purposes, you must be 18 years old or older to enter or have parental consent if you are under age. Your video will not be accepted otherwise.
Please include the following in your email: name, age and e-mail address. Please attach your video entry as a file. All entries can be sent to: We will notify you by e-mail if your video is chosen
Twitube here we come!

See TwiCanCon's website here.

Please participate! This will be awesome, and TwiCanCon will be so happy if you enter. Imagine it--you and your friends in a vid by a Twilight convention! :)

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