Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jackson hates the way guys smell...

Radar Online interviewed Jackson recently.

RO: You said in a recent interview that all the Cullen guys worked out together in the hotel gym during filming. So tell us: who can bench press the most?

JR: That would be Kellan [Lutz]. He truly is Emmett.

RO: You live in a house with other members of your band, 100 Monkeys, in Hollywood. What’s the hardest part about being roomies with two other guys?

JR: The smell.

I would have to agree with him. That is, I can understand even if I don't live with a bunch of guys. But I empathize with you, dear Jackson, and we know you smell good!


  1. LOL! I have to agree. A looong time ago I shared an apartment with four guys. And me. The only female. That place STUNK to high heaven!! And it was filthy. I'm convinced that's the reason why I'm so OCD about cleanliness now... :P

  2. OME!

    All the Cullens working out together...sweating...flexing...grunt--
    OK, I'll stop now.

    Thanks for the mental images. I ignored the actual images you posted b/c me no likey clowns. Not even cute lil Jacksper ones.

  3. All the Cullen guys? Together in one room?

    Yeah, I think I'd put up with the smell. ;)


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