Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shout out to all Twilight parents!/Gil Birmingham (Billy) interview

The Twilight Moonlighter, previously known as Pillow Biter, has now joined Amanda Bell on the Twilight Examiner team as the Twilight Parent Examiner!

Yaaaay! I'm not a parent myself, but I know how many of you are. This is yet another outlet for you guys to connect to fellow Twilight parents.

To kick off her new job, TM conducted an interview with Gil Birmingham, who plays Billy Black in Twilight.

You look like you still work out regularly. What is a typical workout regime for you? Did you ever work out with or have tips for Taylor while he was in the process of muscling up?
I try to get to the gym every day, but as my schedule becomes more hectic, sometimes it’s difficult. Taylor needs no workout tips from me. He worked tremendously hard between Twilight and New Moon to bulk up, and it paid off. I’m impressed by the discipline and commitment that Taylor has to acting and to his work at such a young age. He will have a long and successful career.

Describe the first time you met Taylor Lautner. Did you two connect on a deeper father/son level or strictly on a professional level? How has your relationship changed with the filming of New Moon?
There was an instant connection between us when we met, which comes through on film. When it comes to Taylor, you have to like him. He is so young, yet he is such a talented and well-grounded young man. I hope we can work together again in movies outside of the Twilight films.

More here.

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