Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My jacket: The great Twilight conversation starter

Today I’d thought I talk about the universal language of the phenomenon of Twilight.

One day I was in the post office delivering some packages, and I had on my Twilight jacket that I purchased from Hot Topic. I had bought it for the midnight showing of Twilight, since I too wanted to be part of the “crowd”. (Now as you can see the jacket I purchased is for a man. Because there is no way on god’s green earth that I’d have been able to put my butt in anything other than that at Hot Topic =D)

As I was standing there, this older lady in front of me happened to turn around and glance at my jacket, and this look of pure joy came across her face. She immediately asked me about the movie, and for the next five minutes, we were the best of friends discussing our profound love of Twilight. It was fun and amusing as we both were older than the “normal” or average fan of Twilight, yet we were quoting phrases from the books and movie like nobody’s business.

And this is how it is wherever I go. People who would not normally speak to a complete stranger will take one look at my jacket and launch into a lively discussion of Twilight.

For those few moments in time, I feel an absolute connection with whomever I am talking too. No matter where, whether it is the line at the post office or at the bank, Twilight is its own universal language that is, in my humble opinion, a testament to the great writing of Stephanie Meyers, and the acting ability of Robert P. and the rest of the cast.

Do you have your own Twilight conversation starter? Thank you for reading.


  1. I have the same one actually. Only on the back it says "Are you afraid?" and mostly that's what everyone reads. I can't count the amount of times I have people reading the words around my butt and going "Afraid of what? What does THAT mean?" and then I have to launch into an explaination haha. However, I do have other things that start GOOD conversations like my Alice choker, my Lamb ring, and my many bracelets/t-shirts that I have. Those are the ones that I can sit and talk to people for hours about and I have.
    I work customer service (cashier) and once I had a woman who spotted my choker, my bracelets, and my ring and asked me about the version of Twilight we sold at my store. I knew we had the weakest version and I asked how much her daughter liked Twilight and she told me a lot. I then actually told her to go to Target and get theirs because I knew it was the best one to get. The lady thanked me and I thought that was that. A few weeks later she came in again and went through my line again. She took one look at me and said "Twilight girl! Thank you so much for telling me to get that version! My daughter loved it!" So now every time she comes in and sees me I get called "Twilight girl" and I gotta tell you, I secretly love that. : )

  2. Yes...I was at Costco getting a membership for one of my office of the clerk's had a copy of Breaking Dawn w/ a bookmark 3/4 of the way through...I couldn't help but ask if she liked the book so far, and proceed to ask if she's read the other I was talking, the woman behind me commented on how she loved the books...Twilight love! :)

  3. I have a shirt from Ebay that says

    "Forget a price with a horse, I want a Vampire with a Volvo!"

    Hellz Yeah!

    Mrs. Robward

  4. Those are some great conversation starters! =D Thank you for reading and commenting! Glad to be apart of the sisterhood! =D


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