Monday, July 6, 2009

New Moon Poster of the Day: a real poster!

The New Moon movie-based book cover is featuring this recently released poster image. I really like it, although while I think Kristen/Bella is trying to appear shy and reluctant, she appears more coy than Bella would ever be.

Your thoughts?


  1. I hate it, I really do! I'm not a Jacob hater even though I'm Team Edward but I did a big section of video about this book cover on ApplesnFeather a couple of weeks ago for Furry Friday...bleh Love the characters, love the actors, hate the cover

  2. Sooooo....

    Honestly, I don't like it. The book cover or the poster. Jacob & Bella dont bother me but EVERYTHING else about it does, I looks so unlike S. Meyer IMO & Edward doesn't even look anything like Edward, wth? Also it looks like maybe someone hunched over climbing on the rocks? Is that the lil thing that says "My Pretty" from Lord of the Rings? LOL

    As I look as it more it looks like big foot made on appearance on there too (down by their hands?)??



  3. I like the poster, and the whole protectiveness thing Jake's got going on. I can see what you mean about Kristen looking coy, but I think it only looks like that all zoomed out. If you zoom in close enough (not that I've done that *looks to the side*), you can see the hurt expression on her face.

  4. I understand. Bella does have a reserved personality but it's to a CERTAIN extent. The whole "your my protector" in the poster (between Bella and Jacob) is probably going to be like this just for this movie. Since she did find refuge in Jacob.

    ..and why Edward looks like that, I have no clue. They're probably trying to portray certain events in the book. Like when Edward left, he had to look a certain way. I guess.

  5. Ok I also hated this cover at first look but then I did what I do with just about everything in life... I over-analyzed! and in this case its a good thng.. If you portray things in a different way, the cover is actually very representative of the elements of the story.

    For example.. Edward looking so unlike Edward could represent how he feels without Bella OR it could be an image from her hallucinations which were realistic but didn't do him justice.

    Jake with his arms around her is obviously protective but also the way Bella's arms wrap around herself is how she described "holding herself together"

    Come on people, just love it already! :)


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