Monday, July 13, 2009

To Mah Fello FanFic NewBorns: Abbreviations Defined

**Warning - Adult STUFF Discussed Below, No Teen-TwiHards Allowed!**

I hope I am not over stepping my bounds, b/c I am not sure what defines a "Newborn". Ya know, a fan new to the Wonderfully-Awesomeness-Wide-World-of-Twilight-FanFic! (shew) I am still in diapers myself!

All I know is that when I found the precious gems aka "Twilight FanFiction" I was in over my head.

I felt like a ripe-fat-juicy-blood-pumping-human locked in a room with too many over-eager-no-self-control-blood-thirsty-newborn vampires.

I had no where to turn for help (or so I though at the time)!

So what did I do? I wandered aimlessly throughout the fanfic world until I found my way on my own.

I began my quest wanting to read something that was close to the storyline of Twilight and I found on Twilighted: The List by Laura Cullen or if you prefer The List Rated R/MA/Not4TheFaintOfHeart
OH!MAH!STARS! What a story............................any-who........

One story lead to another & I had no idea when I saw this what it meant: AU AH OOC CANNON (?? huh)

Call me stupid, or whatever, this was all very new to me!

It might as well had said: HJYD B78 VGVTF NK

So I found a list of abbreviations & what they mean. **swallowing hard** I hope this is close to being right...................

AU = Alternate Universe. Story does not follow the plot of the Twilight saga.

AH = All Human. There are only HUMANS in the story, NO vampires - NONE.

AN = Author's Note. Just a little note, question, or comment from the author to the readers.

POV = Point Of View. The eyes that we read through as the story is told. (EX: The Twilight saga is Bella's POV.) If written in the third person there is no specific POV.

Ship = It means that you support a specific pairing, (still don't know if I have seen this one used in a summary).

OOC = Out Of Character. The actions or personality of a specific character will be different from what we deem normal for that specific character. (IE: Rosalie might be super nice to Bella right away in an AU fic, which would mean Rosalie was written OOC.)

OC = Original Character. A person not from the original story will be featured in the story.

Canon = This is often used both for couples(pairings), and for plot, follows the same as the books. (Ex plot: Stories that take place pre Twilight or post-Breaking Dawn are nearly always acclaimed canon stories.) (Ex pairing: Edward & Bella is a canon couple).

Non-Canon = This is used mainly for pairings. (IE: if it is a Jasper/Bella story it is a non-canon story)

Lemon/Smut = Any non-kid-friendly material, always in a sexual reference. Usually these stories will have an adult rating!

Slash = Male and Male smut. (IE: Edward x Jasper) I haven't went there, Yet.

Femmeslash = Female and Female smut. (IE: Bella x Alice or Rosalie x Bella) Haven't went there either.

PWP = Porn Without Plot. Graphic lemons written for the sake of being a lemon.

WIP = Work In Progress. The fic is not yet finished.

Darkfic = This is a fic where dark themes and events are strongly present. It can contain situations such as (but not limited to) slavery, rape, cutting and misuse of sex. Drug use or graphic death can also constitute a darkfic. Sometimes depression and suicide are present.

R+R / R&R = Read and Review. This is simple, it means that if you read please leave a review. Even if your review just says "Thumbs Up, Good Job or You Suck," Authors love feedback, it is half the reason we write. It is very encouraging.

OTP = One True Pairing. This is the ship that an author has declared their favorite. It can be crack or canon. An OTP is usually very natural-feeling and easy for an author to write. Though unusual, an author can have two OTP's per fandom. (EX: Bella/Edward is mine =)

Fluff = A type of fic which has a generally happy atmosphere, rather than loads of smut or angst.

WAFF = Warm and Fluffy Feeling. It's super fluff! Usually-K-Rated things that just make you gush with happiness induce WAFF. (Haven't read a story with this term either, I prefer angst!)

Songfic = A fan fiction based around or inspired by a song. The contents should have something to do with the lyrics.

Crossover = Combining two worlds together in a story. Harry Potter + Twillight = Crossover

Name Smooshing = This is quite literally smooshing names together. Most popularly used in Warriors, but can be found all over the Fan fiction community. (IE: Jasper and Alice are Jalice, Bella and Edward are Bellward)

One- Shot = A story with just one chapter. No intended continuation of the story but sometimes they are so H.A.W.T. that they get more chappys! You can always bug the piss out of the author for them to write more. (It works *wink*)

So this is what I found. I hope it helps, IfYouNeedIt! If not, Have a TwiWonderful day anyway!

Mrs. Robward

P.S. I heart Name Smooching: Rob + Edward =" Robward or Smut + Sexy = Smexy. I didn't come up with these (AT ALL), we just all share them in the Twi World (I could go on ALL day with examples! Expect more of them from me! It is way too much fun to stop!)


  1. Thank you for this...I am a preemie newborn to the FanFic world, and this explains a lot! :)

  2. fan fic has become an obsession. BAD LIKE.. I should b ashamed of myself but i'm not.. I need more than 24 hours in a day now..

  3. Dear: half_my_self
    Glad to help you out - fellow fanfic newborn.

    Keep in touch & tell me what stories rock your world! I am always looking for recommendations!


  4. Dear: sjAimee

    Fanfic is like Crack.
    You. Can't. Ever. NEVER. Get. Enough!



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