Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Top 10 New Moon Facts

Basically Rotten Tomatoest made a list answering the question 'What do we positively know about New Moon?' and here's just a taste of each one.

1. Summit Entertainment knows its audience, evidenced by the two scenes they brought to Comic-Con.
2. Director Chris Weitz will use a lot of dialogue straight from the book.
3.Taylor Lautner is the press-friendly celebrity star that New Moon needed
4. Kristen Stewart knows that Bella is a head case in New Moon.
5. A year later, Kristen Stewart's life is just as crazy and her answers just as wry as they were during Twilight.
6. The New Moon kids like it when their characters suffer
7. Kristen Stewart can't wait to have Rob Pattinson's baby!
8. If you post a New Moon reaction video to YouTube, Chris Weitz is probably watching it right now.
9. Twilight fanaticism was as strong as ever this year.
10. The anti-Twilight backlash finally has a name!
Click here to read more on each one!
Article, Picture, and Source by Rotten Tomatoes


  1. 3.Taylor Lautner is the press-friendly celebrity star that New Moon needed

    Totally agree! With all of them, but this one especially. He was so well spoken, how could he not be between Kristen and Rob, and acted so mature the whole time.. Props to Taylor!

  2. i just don't get the whole anti-twilight thing! just let ppl have a good time!

  3. i LOVE new moon and taylor lautner and seth clear water and the whole wolf pack ..i love them all


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