Friday, July 3, 2009

Twilighter at Heart <3

Hey, everyone. It's me, RedRose15 again. So I am so happy to see that there are editorial writers coming as part of the Peace.Love. Twilight! team. YAYA! So when I read their introductions, they actually talked about how they got into Twilight and how much they are I thought, ok, why don't I do that.

So here goes...

(Part of this will be excerpts from my blog, My Own Twilight World)
I discovered Twilight in the summer of 2007 while I was looking for a book to read. Twilight had always interested me but I had always forgot about it. Eventually, I found it at my library and read it in one day. It was awesome! The next day I returned Twilight and saw if New Moon was there. Unfortunately, it was not so I persuaded my mom to buy it for me at Indigo.Reluctantly, she said yes to my addiction and this is how my addiction began.

That's pretty much how it went. So yeah, I absolutely love Twilight now and now I am part of many fansites, have like two blogs dedicated to Twilight plus I am the admin of one website. I own many Twilight merchandise, have Twilight movie on my ipod. I even try to make everything in my life relate to Twilight.

I know - insane, eh?

I also write many Twilight fanfictions, mostly in the AU-Human genre. I have even started listening to Twilight podcasts.

My favourite site would have to be as of now - NewMoonMovie and Twifans .

Hm..I don't know what else to say about how much I am obsessed. You guys will probably feel that I am normal when compared with many of you guys.

My favourite book would have to be Eclipse and my favourite character of all time is...



He is such a teddy bear and I want to hug him, and oh yeah, he's so funny. sum up, that's pretty much my standing on my Twilight-related nature.

Are you guys just like me? Are you guys, like me, a twilighter at heart <3?

You can check out RedRose15 at her blog.

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