Thursday, July 23, 2009

Will Travel For True Love

Parties! Fashion! Travel! Affairs! True Love!

You'll find all this and more in Chels926's all human, alternate-universe fanfic, A Semester in the Smoke. This finished piece is long (35 chapters), but you'll truly enjoy this sweet, simple, human story.

When 19 year old college student Bella Swan spends a semester abroad in London with the Cullen family as her hosts, she suddenly finds herself with a group of great new friends-and a love interest in the form of the Cullen's 23 year old son, Edward. With all the original parings from the Twilight Saga, the story is full of real life situations and emotions. The couples and friends are faced with a variety of realistic situations: a pregnancy scare, back-stabbing friends, long-distance relationships. The characters themselves have real flaws too: sometimes they drink too much, are late to class, jump to conclusions. Chels926's Bella is a more confident and more fashionable character then the Bella from Twilight, and Edward is less extreme, but still just as charming. Both of the characters are lovely, and you'll be rooting for their relationship despite the odds they face. This tale of first love is sweet and real.

There is little conflict in the story, and it takes the author several chapters to get to what little drama there is. The story has places where is moves slowly and it might leave some readers waiting impatiently for "something" to happen. However, the story is very well written, even when nothing exciting is happening. There is a major focus on the sights and sounds of London it's self. Chels926 has done meticulous research to be able to describe the places and things that the characters see and do. She also provides several links to visuals on her author page from the story, including clothes and homes, and much more. Altogether, her research and attention to detail provide the reader with a very rich story.

This piece of fanfic is full of everyday life and everyday situations. A Semester in the Smoke is long and extremely detailed, but worth it. The author is also planning to write a sequel, and after you read this you'll want it-you'll be dying of curiosity to know what has happened to the characters after the conclusion. This human look at the Twilight characters is sweet, real, and above all, well-written.

Rated: T (PG-13)

4 out of 5 Gold Apples


  1. Sounds truly good, and I love the title! :)

  2. Holy crap, someone did a review of my fanfiction?! Um, thanks! And all of the more negative stuff that you said, I already knew about it. I could've written things a bit better, but it was my first real story! I have since learned from my mistakes!

  3. @ Chelsey: I personally thought your story was perfect. The research was great and the writing was fantastic. I just know that lots of fanfic readers are looking for action on every page and wanted to give them a heads up. :)


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