Thursday, August 13, 2009

Interview With Author Of "Female Force- Stephenie Meyer"

Here is an interview snippet with Ryan Burton, AKA the author of, "Female Force- Stephenie Meyer," a comic. It will be released this November, and is a bio comic about the one and only Stephenie Meyer. Here we get to know a little bit more about Ryan and the more detailed information on his work and style and vision.

Q. Tell me a little about your history as a comic book writer...
RB: Well, it’s a very small history. You see, I’ve been a fan since I could hold a comic, but my first comic was published by Bluewater in 2007, and it was 4 issue miniseries called Flying Saucers vs The Earth. This’ll be my second published comic. After this, my excellent editor has got all sorts of wonderful projects for me to be a part of.

Q. Stephenie Meyer is arguably one of the most successful authors of the moment. How does it feel to be writing a comic about her?
RB: It’s interesting, I’ll tell you that. As a comic book writer, you think you’ll be writing about guys who shoot lasers from their eyes, or webbing from their wrists, and you don’t really expect to write about someone—gasp—real. Her being such an important writer at the moment has me somewhat cautious, because as a writer, I want to make sure I do her story justice. But it’s been pretty enjoyable plotting and outlining Stephenie’s story, all the while playing with pacing, images, and panel layout. I’ve definitely had fun, that’s for sure. And for me, when I know more about the author of a book, it seems to give their story—and our comic book—a bit of gravitas. In other words, it’s an honor.

Q. Did Stephenie have any input into the content of the comic, and if so, to what extent?
RB: No, not at all. But I promise we’re being respectful in how we tell the story and we’re making sure the comic touches on little stuff her fans might know—like her husband being called “Pancho”—all the while presenting it in a different light.

Q. You have been quoted as saying that a very recognizable vampire will be narrator, I'm guessing Edward. I don't know if you can confirm this, but did you try and keep the narration as close to this characters style as possible? If so, examples?
RB: Well, I’ll give you a hint: it’s not who you think it is. I know there are lots and lots and lots (lots of lots) of fans who want it to be a certain vampire, but that’s Stephenie’s vampire, isn’t it? I can’t steal him. So we’re dealing with a worldly vampire in our story; someone much more menacing. Someone who’s been around for a bit longer. That might be the biggest hint I can give you...

Q. Lastly, the most important question of all - Team Edward or Team Jacob?
RB: Hm. This is an important question. It’s a shame there’s not a Team Ryan, or I’d be voting for that one. My wife really wants me to pick Team Jacob, and I’d guess my brother would be all for Team Edward (because he looks like a vampire). But you’ve got me stumped—may as well have asked me “What’s the meaning of life? Or “Why is your guacamole dip so awesome?” Some things are just unanswerable, I guess.

Read the rest of the interview here.
-Princess Twilight/Fictional Character

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