Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Giveaway #1: Team EC/Team JB shirts as seen on SNL

Here's the first of several fun holiday giveaways we'll have going here at PLT!

Did you watch Taylor Lautner on SNL last night? If so, you couldn't have missed the hilarious Team Edward vs. Team Jacob biology lab showdown skit! Taylor ironically played a Team Edward chick and seemed to enjoy poking fun at himself.
In case you missed it, watch the skit here.

You can win your choice of either the Team Jacob or Team Edward shirts from Cafe Press that the two teen girls in the SNL skit were wearing!

Just leave a comment on this post with your name, email, choice of shirt, and reason why you're Team Edward or Team Jacob!

Giveaway ends Sunday, December 20.

See the Team Edward shirt at the Cafe Press store here, and the Team Jacob shirt here.


  1. Susan
    Team Edward shirt and why Team Edward? Because who wants a dog when you can have a man!

  2. I loved the skit but i have to say i am a team Edward fan

  3. Team Jacob Please!! LOL! He cracked me up in this skit last night! I am Team Edward for the Books and Team Jacob for the movies and pretty much Anti Bella all around!!

  4. Vix
    Team Jacob.
    Well, you gotta love Taylor in the films (hence my email ;)) His refreshing personality, his best friend ways, being easy going, a SHAPE SHIFTING Wolf. Who couldn't love Jake?! Twilight Saga is legendary :) Thanks!

  5. Autumn
    Team Jacob

    I am team Jacob because he is the hottest thing on two legs. He treats Bella how she needs to be treated, and in the movies you can feel the spark and love that he has for her. you can't see that with Edward.

  6. Grace

    Team EDWARD!!


    I love VAMPIRES!

  7. tory
    Well, I'm one for the Jake-mister, myself :) Mr Lautner.. you are HOT! Jacob is so different to Edward. It's like he actually has a personality. Wouldn't it be weird if your partner never had an argument with you?! Jacob's far more realistic in my opinion. If anyone knows a "jacob" .. tell me pleaaaaase! Lol :L Lots of Love x

  8. Ana Team edward Im team edward because he is very loving and caring to Bella.

  9. Stacy Im team Edward because Edward is really nice to Bella and he is very loving to Bella too.

  10. Christy Im team Edward because he is very nice and caring and he really loves Bella.

  11. Stacy Im team Edward because he is very nice and loving to Bella.

  12. Kim
    Team Edward shirt of course! Team Edward because Edward & Bella are soulmates & that's something she doesn't have with Jacob, even though she does love him in her own way.

  13. Danielle Kernaghan
    Team Edward.

    Edward says it himself in the book, "You're intoxicated by my very presence." He wasn't talking about just Bella he was talking about all of us. He is more mature and he is the perfect guy that would give up anything to make Bella happy, even if it meant hurting himself.

  14. Suraiya Alam
    Team Jacob
    Because He's So Much Better Than Edward...He's Hotter, More Realistic (As Mentioned Already) And A Proper Man...I Love The Way He Never Gives Up On Bella And Is Always There For Her...It's So Sweet Yet Sad For Him...But I Would Hold Onto A Guy Like Jacob If He Was The One Always There For Me! I'd Make Him Feel Special Unlike Bella And Love Him Back...Jacob Has A Personality And Is So Much More Of A Man Than Edward Will Ever Be (Even Though Edwards Lived Longer)...LOL...But Yeh Thats Why I Love Jacob And Therefore I'm A Team Jacob Fan...Werewolves Are So HOT!!!
    BTW I Live In London...So If That's A Problem Please Let Me Know!!!

  15. I LOVED that skit! Taylor was really funny, even though I'm devotely Team Edward. Why? He's mature, romantic, thoughtful, selfless, musical, and sparkly. :)


  16. Team Edward
    'Cause Edward Sparkles :)
    He's Theeee One From The Begining
    Just Got To Love Him
    Every Girls Dream Because He's A Romanctic VAMPIRE- immortal Beautful Foreverrr ;D


  17. Team Edward.. well really b/c Jasper & Emmett were not an option and really.. Who wants a dog?


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