Sunday, April 19, 2009

What do you want to know about the Twilight Board Game?

Jonathan Keefer, one of the designers of the Twilight Board Game, has offered to do an interview with me about the game. He will answer as many questions from you guys and myself as possible.

So the question is, what do you want to know about the Twilight Board Game?

Leave your questions for Jonathan in the comments. If I use your question, you will be credited!


  1. OOOh - how cool!!

    I'd be curious as to whether he's a fan??? Or did he just take this on a "a job"? If it's the latter, and then he "had" to go read Twilight, what did he think???

  2. I want to know who made up the activity/task cards and why they didn't make them more Twilight related?


  3. I agree, this is really cool. Okies, here's my question:

    Will this game be something anyone can play, or do you need to be a fan of the series to play. (I'm thinking of the fact that most of my Twi-buddies live all over the map and my boyf is decidedly *not* a fan...)

  4. I bought the game a couple of weeks ago and I have now memorized every answer to every question.

    How did you come up with these. Some of them I didn't understand until I watched the commentary but some of them were really random. Like what's Bella's house number. I had no idea...but that was cool then when I got it people were amazed. lol. And will there be one for the other movies? And if so, I really liked that you could move either way on the board...that was really helpful.

  5. One of the questions asks who tasted Bella blood in the ballet studio and it lists alice as one of the answers and that is wrong, she just smelled it.

  6. Here's my question(s):
    * What was your inspiration behind the original game?

    * Twilight has become such a huge franchise, but in a very independent, detached way, almost as if they didn't realize demand for all things Twilight would be so great. Was the board game designed early as a treat for the true Twilight fan or quickly made as an attempt to quell fan demands?

    * Are there any plans for future board games based on New Moon, Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn?

  7. My question:

    Will the board game be distributed worldwide, or only to selected countries?

    Thank you!:)

  8. OH! That looks so cool! My question is: Is it available in Ireland?

  9. First is this sold in Canada because I live in Winnipeg and I haven't seen it anywehere also....are the question just Twilight related or do they have new Moon, Eclipse, and breaking Dawn questions on it? I would also like to know how expensive this will be? Thanks so much!

  10. I want to know why Quileute is so horribly misspelled as 'quillayute' on the game board!!

  11. Why are there grammer errors and spelling errors in the game with some wrong answers?

  12. Please ask him to apologize and retract this game from the market. :)

    A group of 4 of us Twigals got together to play this one night. Our designated 'instruction reader' for all new games we play started reading. Out loud. Reading. (sorry, couldn't resist)

    We all got quizzical looks on our faces. We burst out laughing. We were like, WHAAAATTT??

    Why don't the instructions include dividing the cards into 2 separate piles? You end up having to discard a card if you choose one randomly that doesn't match the one the board tells you to use, sometimes.

    I've never played a more convoluted game IN MY LIFE. It just wasn't . . . fun.

    UNTIL we started playing our own way, LOL.
    We took out any cards that didn't have a plot question on them and used the plot questions to play 'Jeopardy-style' trivia.

    One of us decided to read the questions and the other ones of us yelled out our answers. It became a challenge of who would get the right answer, first . . . we laughed our butts off.

    And like someone mentioned "Quilyute?"
    We kept saying, "These two yutes" all night just to have some fun! The game wasn't rocking our world AT ALL.
    (Also, misspellings, incorrect answers, and some questions cut-off/not printed in full left us cracking up.)

    All I can say is . . . bring on the Twilight 'Scene It!'

  13. As i foward to this....

    Anonymous said...
    One of the questions asks who tasted Bella blood in the ballet studio and it lists alice as one of the answers and that is wrong, she just smelled it.

    your wrong. alice licked her fingers after it.

  14. Here's a link to the entry on

    And here's the description:
    "A trivia and roll-and-move style game where players go from scene to scene until they end up at the prom. Sometimes questions are movie-trivia based, and others are 'interpersonal' questions for the players to answer about each other as themselves (no role-playing)"

    I would ask why he decided on a roll-and-move trivia game? Why not some other mechanic such as deduction, like Mr. Jack? And deciding on trivia, why not create more than 132 cards?

  15. this game sounds really funnn!
    would it be available to people in australia??

  16. what is the actions of bella in the game?

  17. is the game about the twilight movie, twilight book, all of the books, or
    all of the above?

    and ppl stop being so rude and complaining


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