Friday, April 10, 2009

How Will Edward Propose?

The Examiner has an article asking how the proposal will turn out, pointing out that Edward and Bella never said "I love you" in the Twilight film.

The reason for the omission is likely the same as it was for other favorites from the book - time and budget constraints. Yet, after a survey of fan expectations from the film (see here to read them or to submit your own), one thing is clear: the proposal is a must for The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

In New Moon, Edward's proposal to Bella takes place shortly after Bella explains to Edward that, of all the things she could want in the world, she would want him to be the one to bring her to "the change." The conversation, though beginning as a fairly casual one, becomes serious in the span of a moment.

While Catherine Hardwicke did not forget to incorporate that element of the Twilight saga (that is, the sudden shifts from light chatter into deep conversation between Edward and Bella) into Twilight (and, some contend, perhaps too much so), the fact that there were no three word exchanges makes it even more difficult for The Twilight Saga: New Moon to adequately present a faithful translation of the book to film.

Read more here.

This will certainly be difficult, but most likely only for the Twilighters who haven't read the books. (Which I do not condone, go READ!)

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  1. I think they should put in an "I love you" in the beginning of the NM movie, like maybe while he's into her room, and then build up to it. I also think they should show some holding hands, Edward's arm around Bella's waist, a kiss on the cheek, et cetera.


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