Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bedtime Stories/In Bed With Rob...a steamy animated video

Betti Gefecht, singer of "One Wolf (Jacob's Song)", has created an animated vid featuring RPattz.

Here are a few FAQs from Betti on the vid:

What kind of video is this?
It's a little animated musicclip featuring another song of mine, called "Bedtime Stories". I am both musician and artist, so I love to do such things when I have some spare time. And ever since I had played around with my computer programs to make that animated clip for "One Wolf / Jacob's Song" (which was my first experiment in animating), I was eager to improve in that. The result is still raw, since it is all handmade, pic by pic. The song is taken from my album "Do The Right Thing", by the way.

What is it about?"
Bedtime Stories" is a tender lullaby/love song.
Imagine two enamoreds at bedtime, not willing to close their eyes and sleep, like they don't want to miss a single moment together. The line "tell me bedtime stories" is supposed to mean "seduce me", of course. When I wrote this song I tried to make it sound somewhat sexy, but ended up just sweet. Now with this clip it's getting pretty close to what I had intended in the first place.

So why is Robert Pattinson in it?
Pay attention! Didn't I just say, I wanted it to be sexy? ;-)
No, seriously: In the video I tried to illustrate just a girl's dream (that's why the guy is vanishing again and again). And since every girl seems to be dreaming of Rob these days, well... I just felt his face is the most pleasant, intense, natural and expressive face I could get to model the male character in my little story. (in the end though, the girl still has that one polaroid she took of him - so it is left to your imagination whether she's been really just dreaming or not...)

And here's the vid!:

Sweet song, sweet video. The woman's got talent. I think you'll agree.

Visit her blog here and her official website here.

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