Friday, June 12, 2009

Musings on Kstew's new 'do

"why does this moron insist on looking like a heroin addict??!!! uggghhh gross."

"She looks like she is 35 !"


"that's awful."

"she looks like a boy"


"i just wanna take a brush and fix her hair"

And my favorite,

"Even Joan Jett herself never looked that white trash."

So read some of the comments on Kristen's new hairstyle for her role as Joan Jett in The Runaways. I don't feel quite as strongly, but...I don't know if I like it either. I would like to see how it looks brushed before making too much judgement on it. She wore a hairpiece in Twilight, right? Then it wouldn't be so bad for New Moon...

Comments from TMZ and Popsugar.


  1. I never knew that black hair dye could make someone look so... sallow! OK I am crossing "dye hair black" of of my "list of things i'd maybe like to do someday" - because i would look absolutely terrible! i think she's really gonna rock the joan jett look - but it does make her look a little ill...

    p.s. we wrote a funny piece titled "kristen stewart cuts off all her hair!" (which had absolutely nothing to do with kstew getting a haircut, btw) and the google searches for info on her new 'do have been fast and furious. i would have never thought people would be so nuts but they are in a tizzy looking for pics and asking things like "will kristen stewart grow her hair back?" - as if anyone in the Twi/NM cast doesn't have a little help in the hair dept! lol...

  2. She's an actress, and she's made up for the part. This is how she earns her living. She can't live on Twilight forever, although I imagine that it has to be one of the more exciting times of her life.

  3. Thats exactly what my roommate thought! *Heroin Addict* We even made it the title of our video lol check it out!

  4. It's like these pictures of Dakota Fanning on the New Moon set in italy when everybody went "No, wrong hair!!" You can't judge the look of an actor caught on their way to the set or back from rehearsal or whatever. I admit Kirsten's do looks bad on these pics, pretty sure she doesn't like it either... I kinda pity her a little ;-)
    So be nice - all you see is a working girl here... let's wait until the experts have done their tricks and the cameras are rolling


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