Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stay away from our Rob, man-eating sharks FANGIRLS!

RPattz was brutally attacked by rabid, raving fan girls. Before I get started on this (I have QUITE a lot of feeling on this matter) I would just like to make a distinction: THESE ladies--if I I can call them even that--do NOT represent our fan base in the slightest. In fact, I don't consider them true members of the fan base at ALL. I know I would never assault Rob this way. I would not assault ANYONE in this way. And I'm certain that my fellow Twihards feel the same. 

This behavior is unacceptable. This gaggle of geese women grabbed him, prodded him, pulled him, squeezed him, tackled him, poked him, pushed him, and any number of other grossly inappropriate things to OUR ROB in New York. Is anyone still wondering why he's so seemingly inappreciative of his newfound, explosive fame?

If these women think it's OKAY to invade someone's personal space so rashly, I suggest they go straight down to you-know-where. They clearly don't respect him and don't think before they act. No wonder so many non-Twilighters think we're a bunch of insane, self-absorbed air-heads when they have THIS kind of example to look at! 

I didn't even deign them the honor of appearing on PLT; I blocked out their faces in the picture. They don't DESERVE to be famous for this. It's just disgusting.

Eyes of Amber compiled a list of some sites that posted their outrage on this matter:

and even Lainey Gossip!

If you feel the need (WARNING: it'll only further your fiery rage!) watch some footage of this inane behavior here

Just WTF.


  1. we did too! us too!

  2. WTF is right! These poor excuses for human beings give the rest of us fans a bad name. Grr...

  3. I am so grateful to my fellow blogger for posting these! I'll be honest, I am so angry I have NO CLUE what to say to these women. ESPECIALLY after going to bat for Twilighter and now being on the receiving end of some hate filled stupidity I fell almost like we have all been LITERALLY slap. I don't even want to call attention to this madness at SSTB in fear it will insight yet another round of stupidity from Twi-Haters!!! Man alive this is NOT what our community is all about!

  4. i am still holding back the bile that has been accumulating from this outrageousness!! i would like to strangle those psychos with their twilight tote bags!! a bit violent? absolutely.


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