Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Twilight Board Game Designers Interview

The game designers at To Be Continued and MegaGigaOmni Corp answered some of you, the reader's questions about the Twilight Board Game:

Snarkier Than You of Twitarded (twitarded.blogspot.com) -

Are you a fan of Twilight? Or did you just take this on as "a job"? If it's the latter, and then you "had" to go read Twilight/watch the movie, what did you think?

Some of us were fans of Twilight before we worked on the project and we all saw the movie and read the books. We can say that we really enjoyed both!


Delaney -

Did you make up the activity/task cards?

Yes, the game design team designed all the cards.


Ana Cristina of The Danger Magnet (thedangermagnet.org)-

Is this game something anyone can play, or do you need to be a fan of the series to play?

It definitely helps to be a fan of the series especially with the trivia challenges, but we intentionally designed the game in such a way that you don’t need to know everything about Twilight to enjoy the board game. Although we didn’t include a house rules section in the rulebook, players are encouraged to play the game in the way that they want to play it. For example, if you are playing with a bunch of friends who don't know anything about Twilight, feel free to use only the non-trivia halves of the cards. 


Ashley -

How did you come up with the questions?

We based the trivia questions on the movie. We wanted this to be the kind of game that you would want to play with your friends, so we brought in social and party elements. We also wanted you to have things to do even when it wasn’t your turn, which was the inspiration for some of the more social questions.


Pillow Biter of Pillow Biters (pillowbiters.blogspot.com)-

*What was your inspiration behind the original game?

The game is designed to be a fun experience for Twilight fans that allows them to test their trivia knowledge and learn more about their friends and family.

* Twilight has become such a huge franchise, but in a very independent, detached way, almost as if they didn't realize demand for all things Twilight would be so great. Was the board game designed early as a treat for the true Twilight fan or quickly made as an attempt to quell fan demands?

The Twilight board game was designed mainly as a treat for fans.

* Are there any plans for future board games based on New Moon, Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn?

We're hard at work on New Moon now -- Check out Cardinal Games' website for more details.


MeLL -

Is the board game available worldwide, or only to select countries?

The board game is currently available in North America. Cardinal Games has more information on the international release schedule. 


Anonymous -

Are the questions just Twilight related or are there New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn questions as well? 

All of the questions are only related to Twilight, the first book in the Twilight series. There are no New Moon, Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn questions.

How expensive is this game?

The Twilight board game is available at many stores for as low as $14.99.


86rabbit (86rabbit.wordpress.com) -

Here's a link to the entry on BoardGameGeek.com: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/41068. And here's the description: "A trivia and roll-and-move style game where players go from scene to scene until they end up at the prom. Sometimes questions are movie-trivia based, and others are 'interpersonal' questions for the players to answer about each other as themselves (no role-playing)" I would ask why you decided on a roll-and-move trivia game? Why not some other mechanic such as deduction, like Mr. Jack? And deciding on trivia, why not create more than 132 cards?

We wanted the board game to be accessible to Twilight players, who are familiar with popular board games, such as Monopoly and Trivia Pursuit. We knew that many players would want to be able to flex their Twilight knowledge, so we included trivia, but we also wanted there to be social elements, as the world of Twilight is all about relationships. 


Anonymous -

Is the game about Twilight the novel, Twilight the movie, or both?

The Twilight board game’s focus is on the Twilight movie. 

We would like to thank you all for the interest and questions on the board game.

- The game designers at To Be Continued and MegaGigaOmniCorp

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  1. JJ actually already bought this - can't wait to play it now! Interesting interview - and looking forward to seeing the games for New Moon and the rest...

    : )


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