Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Comic Con Wrap Up

Hi all!! Wow we are past a thousand posts!! Awesome. Now sorry I haven’t been on here during the past week, but when I go to comic con for 4 days it takes me some time to get back to reality so to speak! While I seriously wanted to see the cast and hear the question and answers segment, that line to get into the panel was UGLY!! I got there at 6:15am and there were two lines, one to get into the panel for New Moon and the other to get into the actual convention floor. Guess which one was shorter?

I also found out that there was going to be a special screening of Twilight at the Gaslamp Pacific Theater. This beautiful theater is approximately two miles away from the convention. Unfortunately I had to leave early and I had my kids with me who do not like anything Twilight. But I found out later like the next day, that the full cast was there signing autographs. I was so hurt but life happens. There were also shirts given out to the lucky attendees, special ones that had the New Moon logo on the front and on the left sleeve the date of the screening and the city (San Diego) it was shown in.

On a brighter note, I did take some really great pictures of some great Twilight look-a- likes that were dressed up as Alice, Jasper, James, Edward and Bella. I’m really surprised there were not more, but I think the people who love Twilight are not the normal convention goers who dress up.

Though the comic con is sometimes all about the freebies, I did get some really great Twilight/New Moon collectibles, that I had to stand in long lines to get, but it was seriously worth it!

At the Summit Booth, there was a line I stood in three separate times to try and win the ultimate prize, the Twilight Ultimate Collector’s Set, which came with these awesome items:

Twilight (Special Edition) Blu-ray Disc
Twilight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD
Jewelry Box: individually numbered
Exclusive Watch
Limited Edition Charm Bracelet
6 Glossy Photo Cards
Certificate of Authenticity

In order to win this set, you had to spin a wheel. Since it was at the Summit Studio, they also had other movie promo’s you could win, like Astro Boy, Sorority Row, the Push DVD, and the other Twilight items like the coveted double-sided theatrical New Moon movie poster (the big one) and Carlisle Cullen’s Crest ring from NECA.

Guess what I won? That’s right everything else but the Ultimate Twilight set. The first time I went through I won a Push DVD, the second time I went through I won a Push DVD. The third time I went I won a theatrical Sorority Row poster. Yeah was not happy!

But the second time I went through, the girl behind me traded my Push DVD for her Carlisle Cullen Crest ring. I almost peed my pants! (ok not really, but I was extremely happy) I also got some mini New Moon posters and comic con exclusive New Moon trading cards. I also got two sets of Twilight and New Moon playing cards that have the original book covers on them. I also got some New Moon postcards with the new and original book cover.

So all in all I had GREAT time, and was able to get some great collectibles. I can not wait until next year, where I will finally have some fellow Twilight enthusiasts to go with me. Thanks!!

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